iPad Air 4 11-inch display and USB-C connectivity
iPad Air 4 11-inch display and USB-C connectivity

A new report from the Japanese supply chain blog (Mac Otakara) indicated that the future iPad Air 4 will feature a USB-C connector instead of the Lightning connector, as Apple is changing the Lightning connector for the first time. (Use the USB-C port for iPad series outside iPad Pro.

Apple switched its iPad Pro model to a USB-C port in 2018, but other iPads still use the Lightning port for charging.

The report cites sources in the Chinese supply chain: the fourth-generation iPad Air will use the USB-C port, while the next-generation 8.5-inch iPad mini computer will maintain another generation of Lightning ports.

In addition, the Mac Otakara blog shows that the fourth generation iPad Air can be developed based on the 11-inch iPad Pro. Although the current details are unclear, this may mean that the new generation iPad Air has a smaller bezel with a larger screen and a USB port.

Since Apple has developed the third generation (iPad Air) based on 10.5 inches (iPad Pro), in addition to restricting the functions of the rear view camera, the fourth generation (iPad Air) based on 11 inches (iPad Pro) can be developed. .

Last month, reliable Apple analyst Guo Mingchi said that Apple would launch a new 10.8-inch iPad in the second half of 2020, followed by a 9-inch iPad mini in the first half of 2021. Like the iPhone SE, good price and chipset are points Selling to these iPads.

Despite previous rumors that iPad Air has a Touch ID built into the bottom of the screen, the new iPad Air can also use Face ID for authentication.

The latest supply chain report describes the chaotic situation of the Apple iPad group, as the company is currently proposing:
  •     iPad iPad 10.2 inches at $ 329.
  •     IPad Air measures 10.5 inches and costs $ 499.
  •     IPad Pro measures 11 inches and costs $ 799.
  •     IPad Pro measures 12.9 inches and costs $ 999.
  •     IPad mini measures 7.9 inches and costs $ 399.

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