Brazilian police are investigating the leak of presidential data
Brazilian police are investigating the leak of presidential data

Brazilian federal police have reported the progress of the investigation into the organization of cybercrime, which should be responsible for the disclosure of personal information to senior government officials, including President (Gal Bolsonaro).

The investigation was conducted after the accident was announced earlier this month and attributed to an unidentified Brazilian piracy organization, which included personal information about President Bolsonaro, his children, supporters and ministers.

This information (including standard stakeholder resources) has been posted to the Twitter platform via a recently deleted account from the social network.

Bolsonaro then condemned the attack on the same platform. He said: The escape was an attempt to intimidate the intruder.

About 20 federal police officers searched the suspect's home. The list of suspects includes three teenagers in the cities of Rio Grande do Sul and the state of Sierra.

In addition to disclosing information online, the research found that the team had received data from more than 200,000 individuals and military officers, and the research found that it aimed to intimidate and embarrass individuals.

For information, the hackers violated the regulations of the Federal University, City Hall, and Municipal Council of Rio de Janeiro, Parana, Jura, and Rio Grande do Sul, as well as state and many other government systems.

According to the survey, more than 90 institutions were attacked in Rio Grande do Sul alone. After the attack, senior federal police officers expressed concern about national security.

According to the Federal Police, there are also reports of other regulatory crimes, including fraudulent online purchases, and an ongoing investigation.

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