OnePlus confirms the launch of 3 smart TVs and announces the price
OnePlus confirms the launch of 3 smart TVs and announces the price

OnePlus launched the Q1 series last September, which includes the following two models: (Q1) Q1 and (Q1 Pro) Q1 Pro. Since the prices of these two models are relatively high, the company plans to launch new models at a lower price on July 2 next year.

After the Chinese company confirmed certain features of the next TV, it announced today that the group will include three models. Although the screen size of these models was not released, 32 and 43 inch models were allowed, and the third model should be 55 inches, the same size as the Q1 series.

The 32-inch models provide high-definition screens, while the 43-inch and 55-inch models must use FHD and QHD, respectively.

In addition to announcing three TV models, OnePlus has also raised prices as these devices will be available in the Indian market for 32-inch models, which are equivalent to $ 265, 43-inch models, which are $ 395 compatible, and 55 models correspond to 660 inches available in US dollars. For comparison, the price of the Q1 series is same as the Q1 ($ 925) and the Q1 Pro is $ 1,320.

While the full specifications for the next TV have not yet been released, (OnePlus) has confirmed that it will have narrow bezels and will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies for images and sound, and the thickness will not exceed 6.9mm, which is better than the recent Thinner mobile phones. The Smart Pioneer (OnePlus 8) is 8 mm thick, while (OnePlus 8 Pro) is 8.5 mm thick.

It is worth noting that the CEO of the company confirmed in a message in the company's forum a few days ago that the company was growing when (OnePlus) tried to launch a TV set at a price lower than the current phone price. Mobile.

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