China claims to be a victim, with Twitter demanding that the attackers be removed
China claims to be a victim, with Twitter demanding that the attackers be removed

The Chinese government has made it clear that it is a victim of false propaganda on social media platforms and has urged Twitter to delete accounts from the countries attacked by the Coronavirus.

The move came one day after Twitter announced the removal of 170,000 accounts related to Chinese influence, as the accounts published misleading information about Hong Kong and the Coruna virus.

Twitter said: The network is mainly written in Chinese to spread the favorable geopolitical narrative of the Communist Party of China, and it also reinforces misinformation about Hong Kong's policies.

In addition, China has successfully pressed Western technology companies to seek a global view.

Recently, the Zoom platform met the Chinese government's requirements to use video conferencing applications to discuss the 1989 Tiananmen massacre measures.

"There is absolutely no fair balance between China's response to this epidemic and the misinformation it publishes. If Twitter wants to make a difference, it should be closed," said Chinese spokesman Hua Chuning. That was organized and coordinated to attack. And denigrate China account. "This is the biggest victim of false information." "

"Many tweets have spread rumors that the corona virus is a biological weapon made in China. US Republicans and some right-wing networks are said to be responsible for spreading these rumors and recording the reports they distribute." .

"If Twitter believes in the misinformation that praises China's response to the coronavirus and decides to delete it, then this false slander and any action against these networks will be clear examples of double standards."

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman did not comment on the allegations that China used Twitter to spread news about the CPC in Hong Kong.

China is preparing to develop a national security law to include it in Hong Kong's mini-constitution, the so-called Basic Law, which will be passed without discussion in the regional legislature, although this decision is not common.

As the United States and China head toward a cold war, the struggle for facts and interpretations has increased in recent months, and the mainstream media and social media can no longer escape the pressures of both sides now.

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