WhatsApp tested many useful features for users
WhatsApp tested many useful features for users

WhatsApp has started testing many new features on its latest beta version. As the battle of instant messaging apps intensifies, users have long-awaited features (such as support for connecting to multiple devices).

According to the website (WABetaInfo), the website specializes in monitoring beta features of WhatsApp, many of which have been tested in the latest beta versions of iOS and Android.

Support for multi-device communication is likely to change the way millions of messaging platforms are used around the world by avoiding many problems if you do not have to log out of multiple devices.

WhatsApp users can currently only connect to a mobile device or via a PC, Mac or web browser.

You can switch between these devices, but you can only access the computer from one device at a time, which is easy to use. Users are frustrated when they have to switch between these devices, often due to the fact that the connection process is not easy.

Note that users of the latest version of WhatsApp are currently unable to support multiple devices, but may update them in the future.

(WABetaInfo) found that the platform is testing the functionality with up to four devices registered at the same time, which is much better than the current limit.

In addition, it appears that the messaging platform is getting more important search updates soon, so that users can quickly search for dates in personal and group chats.

Facebook's instant messaging app supports chat search, but it doesn't allow you to search for messages sent or received on a specific date.

With the new search function you can search for messages and pictures by date. Based on this information, the feature will soon reach the web version of WhatsApp, so that users can search content by date using the web browser.

WhatsApp seems to take user complaints about memory issues seriously, provided new features are added to improve memory usage.

This function shows the space occupied by the application on a smartphone and serves as a complete examination of the current section in which users receive information about storage space.

This option allows users to view large files saved when received. There is also an option to forward files. This option allows users to filter forwarded files through email applications.

The platform also tests another way to improve the overall WhatsApp experience on mobile devices. This function is an enhanced function through which the entire chat history can be analyzed.

This feature allows you to delete all your favorite messages, making it easier to delete messages that you no longer need.

The previous feature is included in the video support feature (ShareChat). This support can allow for a dedicated video player to work properly in the app.

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