China is concerned about India's ban on Chinese applications
China is concerned about India's ban on Chinese applications

China said on Tuesday it was concerned about India's decision to ban Chinese mobile apps like Bydance's TikTok and Tencent's WeChat, and was conducting inspections to investigate the situation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian told reporters at a regular press conference that India has a responsibility to defend the rights of Chinese companies.

India banned 59 mobile apps on Monday, and most of them, including TikTok and WeChat in China, have been the most effective measure in India against the Chinese cyberspace country since the beginning of the border crisis between Monday this month.

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has issued an order banning applications. Since Google and Apple are involved in activities that undermine the sovereignty and integrity of India, these apps must be removed from Android and iOS stores within 24 hours of receiving the Indian order.

(MEITY) requires the Communications Department (DOT) to instruct telecommunications companies and Internet service providers to prevent access to these applications. This way, existing applications can be stopped regardless of whether or not they are deleted from the application memory. Download.

The move comes after a deadly border conflict between two nuclear-armed neighbors in the controversial Himalayan region earlier this month, killing 20 people.

The ban is likely to become a major obstacle for Chinese companies such as ByteDance in India, which have made a big bet in one of the world's largest web services market.

Beijing-based Bytedance plans to invest $ 1 billion in India, open a local data center, and increase employment in the country recently.

India's Sensor Sensor said in April: India is the largest driver installed by TikTok with 611 million downloads, accounting for 30.3% of the total.

Tencent (WeChat) is another banned app that has been downloaded more than 100 million times from Google Play Store using Alibaba Browser (UC) and two apps (Xiaomi).

"This is the fastest and most effective way the government can take to put economic pressure on Chinese companies," said Santosh Bay, partner of Link Legal Legal, an Indian law firm that advises many Chinese companies.

Long-standing mutual accusations added to China in India, but border disputes mean that boycotting Chinese goods must be resolved from tensions.

Reuters previously reported that Indian port customs had suspended containers imported from China since last week, including Apple, Cisco and Dell products.

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