The second generation of Xbox will be available in August
The second generation of Xbox will be available in August

A recent leaked document by Microsoft has indicated a second-generation Xbox platform, and there are now rumors that it will be fully released in August.

According to Eurogamer, Microsoft originally planned to launch a second-generation Xbox platform called Lockhart in June.

Microsoft reportedly postponed these plans until August. Eurogamer claimed that a second-generation Xbox console called Xbox SeriesS.

Microsoft has developed next-generation Xbox products at reasonable prices for several months. Microsoft documents released last week highlighted the company's plans.

The Xbox Series X developer toolkit (codenamed Dante) allows game developers to enable Private Mode (LockhardProfiling), which contains the performance profiles that Microsoft wants to access through the second platform. .

The next generation platform (Xbox) can carry up to 7.5 GB of available RAM with GPU performance of around 4 teraflops, and the platform target game is 1080 pixels or 1440 pixels instead of 4K.

In contrast, the Xbox Series X platform includes up to 13.5GB of available RAM with a Teraflops 12 GPU performance target.

Microsoft appears to be planning to launch (Xbox Series S) in August. In addition to platform pricing (Xbox Series X), the second platform (Xbox) is critical to pricing strategy for next-generation gaming systems from Microsoft.

The company agrees to provide subscriptions (Xbox All Access) through (Xbox Series X). The package includes Platform (Xbox Live) and (Xbox Game Pass) in addition to monthly fees and reasonably expected (Xbox Series S) Price and (Xbox) are closely related to all inputs and outputs.

Microsoft plans to integrate Project xCloud into Xbox Game Pass later this year, so the next generation Xbox games can be attractive to those who don't need the more powerful Xbox Series X option.

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