Consumers spent $ 500 billion on the Apple App Store
Consumers spent $ 500 billion on the Apple App Store

Apple released a search result and found that its app store had sales of $ 458 billion last year, including categories such as physical trading, outsourcing, and advertising, and the iPhone maker received no commission from it.

The study was supported by Apple. This was the first time that the company had attempted to track activity from the App Store, but the activity did not generate commission for the company.

The app store commission is the only way for developers to distribute apps on consumer-owned iPhones. It's now Apple's flagship vending machine for iPhones with low iPhone sales.

According to a study by the Economic Research Consulting Company ($ 413 billion), the study showed that the App Store has a greater impact because it achieved sales of $ 519 billion in 2019, when this figure came, and physical products and services. .

The study found that $ 45 billion came from in-app advertising, while the remaining 15% (about $ 63 billion) of total app store activity came from digital goods and services. Such as music and video subscriptions or in-app purchases.

Apple's commission has sparked 15-30% for digital products and services purchased through the App Store antitrust reviews in the US and Europe, and competitors such as Spotify say this practice is not conducive to their work. .

An iPhone manufacturer representative said: The company supports this research to better understand material goods and services activities in its app store.

Global retail app sales (including Amazon) on iPhone and iPad are estimated at $ 268 billion, followed by travel apps with $ 57 billion in sales and crowdfunding apps with $ 40 billion in sales. Dollar, the application of food sales 31 billion dollars.

The investigation was conducted a week before the company's annual developer conference (WWDC), as the company released the latest OS and persuaded software manufacturers to adopt the latest features and continue to support the Apple platform.

"In difficult and volatile times, the app store continues to provide benefits to entrepreneurs, health, luxury goods, and education and training companies. Job creation opportunities that help people quickly adapt to the changing world," Tim Cook, CEO of the company, said in a statement.

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