Boston Dynamics is preparing to sell Spot robot at $ 74500
Boston Dynamics is preparing to sell Spot robot at $ 74500

Boston Dynamics launched a smart four-legged robot at $ 74,500.

Boston Dynamics has spent many years developing instant robots since the company began renting instant robots to the company last year. Today, it has been sold to companies in the United States.

The spot robot has a price level that mimics the luxury car Tesla Model S, but Boston Dynamics has confirmed that with this price, the company offers the most advanced robot in the world that anyone can access.

The robot is characterized by its ability to digitize and collect data, create 3D maps of construction sites and analyze machines to detect errors and malfunctions. It was recently used to classify and support patients in the COVID-19 Explosive Police Squad.

Boston Dynamics has also indicated that it is possible to customize multiple sensors for the in-place robot platform and programming support for examination. Zack Jackowski of Boston Dynamics also indicated that the robot can provide special support for industrial and commercial companies.

It should be noted that Boston Dynamics Spot 2.0 provides robot software updates to support robots more easily with independence and mobility, as the company is currently developing remote control features, and the company also provides customers with a test form to demonstrate the performance of their devices for testing purchases.


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