Does Twitter leave the United States and settle in France?
Does Twitter leave the United States and settle in France?

According to Emmanuel Macron assistant, French President Emmanuel Macron contacted Twitter's CEO last week to confirm his support for the company.

President Macron Jack Jacksay joked that if she moved to France, she would host Twitter in San Francisco.

This happened after Twitter expressed its disagreement with US President Donald Trump. In late May, Twitter made an unusual decision after adding an American presidential poll poster. Trump's anger exploded.

Twitter's new decision violates Trump's long-term strategy to spread lies and suspicious information on social media platforms.

Twitter soon added a warning that he had violated the rules in another Trump tweet, warning Minnesota protesters that filming would start at the start of the theft.

Twitter's decision has been widely criticized by Trump and American conservatives, but also by Vera Gorova, the European Union's highest official and deputy head of the European Commission for Value and Transparency. Twitter congratulated the adoption of a soft, transparent and consistent policy.

Macron's aide said: The president wants the platform to comply with European and French content systems, which are generally more restrictive than that of the American, and the adviser added that France welcomes any threatened business in her country.

With support from the pro-business agenda, Macron has made attracting foreign investment and investors one of the most important points of her 2017 presidential campaign. Macron has called for strengthened internet regulation in the Governance Forum. The internet was organized in Paris in 2018 and repeatedly promised fraud to fight. new.

This approach was recently challenged after the government was forced to withdraw from the online tool to make information about COVID-19 reliable. After the government criticized for violating freedom, Desinfox was excluded from the information.

It should be noted that Macron and Dorsey will speak once or twice a year, according to the Assistant President, and Twitter CEO came to Macron's office last year to attend the event.

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