Facebook is testing the app to predict future events
Facebook is testing the app to predict future events

Facebook started testing (Forcast), a new project launched today to provide users with a community where they can understand and share future expectations, just like the future of the world after the 19th COVID epidemic.

(Forcast) was developed by the NPE Team R&D team, which was originally available for download on Apple iOS from Apple. Questions can be asked and application points can be used to predict what may happen in the future. Users can also create, discuss and view shared promises.

Facebook indicated in the post that more and more people are searching for information that can help them understand the world tomorrow, next month and beyond. She added: "We believe that a projection-based community is not only a great way to demonstrate the wisdom of outsourcing, but can also help promote healthy online conversations on a variety of topics."

The company warned that the app was originally only available for the iOS platform and a group of guest users in all regions of the United States and Canada. However, all expectations are provided to all users via the Forcast website and on all participating platforms.

Starting today, Facebook will invite health and research workers and scientists to predict the epidemic (COFED-19) and its impact on the world. Users who want to log in can join the queue by requesting access to the beta beta forecast set on Facebook and downloading the app.

Predictors can discuss the reasons for their expectations, access their profiles to view the predictions and opinions of individual users, and follow each other to learn about new activities. Forecasters can also view their forecast history over time and access various classification topics.

Facebook said that the (Forcast) project, like other projects on the NPE team, is still in its infancy and is improving expertise and understanding the quality and value of expectations.

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