IOS 14 gets a new home screen with widgets
IOS 14 gets a new home screen with widgets

Apple announced iOS 14 at the Annual Developers Conference (WWDC 2020), the latest major release of the operating system. In addition to some of the new features that fix other issues, this targeted version is also a simple user. Interface items have undergone a number of long-awaited improvements. The platform is very mature.

Many changes (iOS 14) affect commonly used iPhone screens, including the home screen, phone interface, and App Store preview.

After years of appearing on Android devices, Apple finally added widget support that is accessible from the home screen and redesigned the network of icons that support adding those icons to gadgets on the screen.

Users can also switch the network home screen to an automatically categorized list that can be sorted by most used and proposed applications (referred to as "application libraries").

Widgets appear in different sizes, including squares and rectangles. It can be inserted directly into the main screen or left in the current view from the left screen.

The new gadget library allows users to display different sizes and design options, in some cases from watching Apple Watch, as well as a smart battery that can be displayed in one place on the screen and changed in multiple views.

IPhone has got a picture-in-picture functionality. This functionality has been available on iPad for a long time, so video can be played in the window and moved on the screen or to the side.

Siri has been redesigned to reduce interference and display it at the bottom of the screen rather than controlling the entire screen.

Siri can still be used to get apps and search. The wizard can now access responses from more online resources and start sending voice messages.

Spell check is now performed on the device instead of requesting cloud access. Several new language pairs have been added to enable direct translation between language pairs, and (iOS) The new app can work offline and in 11 different languages. Translate between languages.

(App Store) Supports named app previews (app sections) that allow users to get mini or beta versions of the app's main content without having to download the full app.

The plan is similar to the plan Google referred to as Android (chipset), which, in addition to quick access to apps purchased, released or rented, also provides better advertising opportunities for the program.

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