Full Windows applications coming to Chromebook computers
Full Windows applications coming to Chromebook computers

Google has announced a partnership with (Parallels) to bring native Microsoft Office and old Windows applications to Chromebooks, and the search giant has launched a new partnership with an article about the company advancing the future of the Chrome OS.

(Parallels) has experience with Mac Parallels Desktop 15 to integrate two different operating systems into one. With this software system, macOS owners can use Windows with their operating systems.

Over the years, Parallels has launched Parallels desktop software, which can be used to install Windows system and all its applications on Mac. Now it becomes a Chromebook, giving them full support for Windows for Business Chromebook applications. .

Chrome OS has long supported supported Windows desktop applications delivered from the cloud via Parallels remote application server. This new partnership means that these apps will work on Chromebooks by default.

This new functionality should be available to (Chrome Enterprise) customers this fall. (Parallels Desktop) was first integrated into the Chrome operating system to improve performance and allow offline access to these applications on a Chromebook.

Although a surprising step, it is a welcome step, but it means Chrome OS can support Android and Windows applications in the future.

This decision could help the company focus earnestly on Chromebooks, and replace some Windows laptop computers for some employees, without investing in solutions to distribute professional applications on a Chromebook.

Google has not provided detailed information about its partnership with (Parallels), but the search giant has promised to provide more detailed information on the topic in the coming months.

Parallels, a leading provider of virtual machine simulations, said the partnership will easily provide full Windows applications (including (Microsoft Office)) to corporate Chromebooks such as the Dell Latitude 5400 Enterprise Chromebook.

It is unclear whether these functions are available for personal use. These people own consumer Chromebooks that work outside of the managed work environment, but may open the door in the future.

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