The blue check mark will soon appear on Twitter
The blue check mark will soon appear on Twitter

Twitter is preparing to restart the new account verification process, which does not provide the public with generally desired blue flags. Once the criteria become unclear, the new process must be eligible to verify the blue le and get labeling with clearer instructions. Before that was a little.

The information comes from information provided by (Jane Wong) through her official account on her Twitter platform. Wong, the reverse engineering expert, provided a screenshot of the updated settings menu that includes the "request verification" option, and there is a new setting in the account list. The section titled "Personal Information" displays "Profile" and "Order Request".

Twitter confirmed the information and said: The verification laws on Twitter are completely internal. After someone can submit a review request, he will publicly reveal blue tag accounts, but actual Twitter laws have not been clearly defined, and what isn't very clear, and for this reason, Twitter provides blue labels for some people, not for others.

The process went through a major shock in 2017 when critics discovered that the organizer of the White Parade of Excellence march, Jason Kessler, had obtained a blue mark, and the platform had tried to announce his system as a public interest account. Critics believe that Kessler is not one of the characters to be verified.

Twitter said: It will interrupt reviews while discovering how to fix the system, and it will also remove the public broadcast template that allows users to request reviews while rethinking the process. The platform greatly reduces inspections so that no one can apply. On the blue mark.

Although Twitter had recently highlighted health officials with a blue mark during the outbreak of Corona, it did not provide options for individual users, but after a close it lasted for about three years. The platform appears to be able to provide the job again, which was the most required post for Twitter.

The company stated that Wong's results were the next option for review, but it did not indicate when the new system would be operational or when new policies could be used, and the company was often criticized for implementing its rules. Whether to prohibit or punish account services that violate the conditions.

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