Google adds new features to Android to improve sleep
Google adds new features to Android to improve sleep

Google announced today (Monday) that it has launched several tools to improve the quality of sleep for its Android users.

The tech giant said in an article that sleep research has increased as people have to work and study at home, such as "insomnia" and "I can't sleep" until they reach sleep levels. Record values ​​in April and May. From you.

Google has indicated that sleep mode (formerly known as "Wind Down" in the "Digital Health" setting) can help make Android phones "dark and quiet" while sleeping. She added that when the (standby time) mode is activated, the Do Not Disturb function is used to indicate calls, texts and other notifications that may affect the user's sleep. It also has the function of changing the screen color so that it gradually changes from a color that can encourage users to gradually use the phone in black and white.

The (standby time) mode can now be set as it can be configured to start automatically at a specified time or shortly after the phone is connected to the charger. The mode (Sleep Time) can also be added to the Mode Panel (Quick Settings) to activate and deactivate it with one click.

Google also added a tab (Bedtime) to the app (hour), where you can adjust the sleep time and wake up every day to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. In order to prepare users to sleep, they receive bedtime notifications and can play quiet sounds from certain audio services (like YouTube Music and Spotify).

And because Google believes that waking up with an alarm can be annoying, a sunrise alarm function, a visual signal 15 minutes before the audible alarm time, a low volume can be added to the function to make the alarm smoother.

Google said that from today, new tools (before going to bed) will be available for Pixel phones until the summer of 2020 for the Watch app on other Android devices.

The company also said that Family Link can help parents create digital laws for their children, including managing screen time activity, app downloads, in-app purchases, and even bedtime. On the device. You can create a daily sleep schedule and change it to a specific date (such as a weekend).

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