Samsung is introducing The Sero TV
Samsung is introducing The Sero TV

About half a year after Samsung's announcement, the company will launch Sero TV in select international markets on Monday (Monday).

Korean tech giant "Siro" (meaning "my head" in Korean) was announced at the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas, USA.

The TV can be used vertically and suitable for millennials who are more likely to watch videos on their smartphones than traditional TV screens.

The new TV has a 43-inch 4K QLED screen that can be used both horizontally and vertically. TV now costs $ 1,999.99 in the US and £ 1,599.99 in the UK.

By supporting TV's vertical mode (Siro), Samsung wants to enable young users to view and play videos so that they can simulate the smartphone experience, but also watch TV horizontally.

The TV is equipped with a 4-in-1 amplifier with a power of 60 watts and can be used as a music player for online broadcast services. The screen can be used to display personal content such as watches or photos and can be controlled by Samsung Bixby Smart Assistant.

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