Google delays Pixel 4a until October
Google delays Pixel 4a until October

According to reports, Google can postpone posting to Pixel 4a again. In addition to postponing the release date, the information indicates that the company abandoned the color option (Baby Blue).

The news came from the well-known Leaker (John Prosser) who switched to his official account on Twitter to inform everyone about his recent discovery of the next Google Pixel phone.

Essentially, the smartphone should be announced at the Google I / O 2020 event in May, as well as the Pixel 3a. However, due to concerns about the Coruna virus, the search giant decided to cancel the event. Absolute approval

Rumors after the cancellation of the event in May indicated that the phone could be launched during the June event, but Prosser issued a tweet in May that seemed to delay publication until July 13, and the official said this despite the fact that the devices are well prepared for transportation, and the company's decision is based on an analysis market.

Proser added that the device will be available in two colors (black only) and (nude blue). The black version is expected to be released on August 6 and the blue version later on October 1.

Less than a month later, Prosser now claims that Google has postponed (Pixel 4a) again. Although the smartphone was to be released on July 13, the release of the (Just Black) version was postponed to October 22. Day - day.

Prosser also explained that Google had completely removed the Barely Blue version of the product line, but it remains unclear whether this means that the search giant will delay the release of Barely Blue until next year or whether the copy has been completely canceled.

Screen size (pixels 4A) should be 5.8 inches (OLED) and equipped with 8 MP front camera, 12.2 MP rear camera and Snapdragon 730 processor with 6 GB of RAM and the price of the phone is still unknown. However, for the 128GB storage option, the price can go up to $ 349.

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