Samsung announces the BTS version of the Galaxy S20 +
Samsung announces the BTS version of the Galaxy S20 +

Samsung announced the launch of Haze Purple BTS from its leading smartphones (Galaxy S20 +) and (Galaxy S20 + 5G), which support 5G networks, and announced the colorful BTS version of the wireless headphones (+ Galaxy Buds) purple fans around the world enjoy opportunities Unique to get closer to their favorite bands than ever.

Before the news was published, there were a lot of purple leaks on this smartphone before. This special external version has a unique purple glass backdrop from BTS and a purple heart-shaped design on the camera. External metal.

There are decorative stickers on the phone cover to decorate the phone and further customize the device. Samsung added some photo cards to the group members, and the device also includes themes previously installed by BTS to ensure the live wallpaper matches the outside of the device.

The phone is also equipped with the Korean Exchange app (Weverse), a platform that specifically hosts K-Pop content and communication between team fans and musicians.

The new headphones are available in violet and black and have a charging case that matches these colors. The BTS logo is printed on the headphones, and on the other side is the purple heart medal like (+ Galaxy) S20), (Galaxy + Buds +) photo cards for group members.

The first subscription period for the BTS release of Samsung (+ Galaxy S20) and (+ Galaxy Buds) starts on June 19, and the device will be widely available on July 9, but the price has not yet been set.

Everyone who initially requests a device gets a BTS Edition Limited Edition. In addition, (Galaxy Buds +) is equipped with a free BTS board for wireless charging. As long as spare parts are available, Samsung said, these discounts will only last for a limited time.

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