Google faces a $ 5 billion lawsuit
Google faces a $ 5 billion lawsuit

Google faces a class action lawsuit in the United States, accusing the company of repeating illegal privacy violations of millions of users by following users (including those who commute privately).

The lawsuit provides compensation of at least $ 5 billion and accuses the search giant of collecting confidential information about what people see on the Internet and where they go, despite using Google's incognito mode.

According to a complaint by the Federal Court in San Jose, California, Google collects data through Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager, as well as other applications and plug-ins, regardless of whether or not the user clicks on a supported ad on the Google website (including Applications for smartphones).

Many netizens believe that their browsing history is not recorded when browsing in private mode, but Google says it has not been recorded. The search engine denies that this is illegal and explains it, which is a clear statement about the data collected in this situation.

The complaint states, "It helps Google identify users' friends and hobbies, favorite foods, shopping habits, and what they're searching for online. The company is no longer able to collect secrets." All Americans have a computer or a phone. And unauthorized data. "

"Mountain View, the California-based company, will present a strong defense against these allegations. We have made it clear that the website can collect data every time the panel is opened," said Google spokesman Jose Castaneda. Information about your browsing activities. Label. "

Google Chrome's private browser mode allows users to browse the Internet without saving activity in a browser or device. However, websites like Google Analytics can be used on websites visited to track usage.

According to the law firm that filed the case (Boies Schiller Flexner), the lawsuit could include millions of Google users who have privately browsed the Internet since June 1, 2016. Each user compensates at least $ 5,000 for confidentiality in California.

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