Huawei's commercial ambitions in Canada have been frustrating
Huawei's commercial ambitions in Canada have been frustrating

Two of Canada's largest telecom companies have partnered with Finnish Ericsson and Finland's Nokia Oyj to build a 5G network and give up Huawei's Chinese technology to the project. Bell Canada and its smaller rival Telus).

Analysts said the cooperation will make the Canadian government's difficult decision to give Huawei access to the Canadian 5G network easier.

In terms of mobile revenue, Bell Canada, Canada's second largest mobile operator, has announced that it will partner with Ericsson to build a 5G core network, and previously announced that Nokia will add 5G technology.

In a separate press release, Telus announced that Ericsson and Nokia were chosen as equipment suppliers, and that other major telecom operator, Rogers Communications, has partnered with Ericsson.

Last week, Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou suffered a setback in a Canadian lawsuit to avoid extradition to the United States on charges of bank fraud, and Canada is investigating hidden security risks in 5G networks, and has not yet taken a decision to authorize Huawei to provide this. Device.

Lawrence Sortis, senior research analyst at IDC Communications in Canada said: "These ads end Huawei's commercial ambitions in Canada." Although Huawei has signed contracts with small companies and continues to offer certain technologies to the Canadian Bell network, only two companies are major contracts. ""

Huawei said it supported Bell Canada's strategy in selecting several device providers and indicated the relationship between Telecom Canada and Huawei to provide other network components.

However, due to the reluctance of the Canadian government, the Chinese giant faces a dilemma. "It is now certain that many suppliers' use of devices is an excellent strategy to stimulate innovation and control prices," said Communications Adviser Mark Goldberg.

On the other hand, the German company (Telefonica Deutschland) chose Swedish Ericsson to set up its main 5G mobile network in Germany. He said: This option can protect the security of next-generation services.

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