Google has introduced a new image service design to restore memories from the past
Google has introduced a new image service design to restore memories from the past

Google announced today (Thursday) a new design for the image service that allows users to easily restore the memories of the past.

"Five years ago, we found that people were having trouble managing their photos and videos. There was no place where all the photos and videos could be preserved," said an American technology giant in a blog post. The storage space was messy and it was difficult to find specific pictures. "That's why we developed Google Images to solve these problems. Since then, over a billion people use the app every month."

The company added that people have been using Google Images in recent years when they see nostalgic things and want to restore their memories. This makes the service "not only a photo management app, but also a habitat of memories of life."

Google today introduced a new storage-focused service design that allows users to "easily discover and restore valuable moments". The new design makes photos and videos more important and places the Search tab between the Image and Library tabs in the bottom middle of the screen.

The company stated that the "Image" tab contains photos and videos, which are now the largest thumbnails, and that the video will be played automatically as the company bridges the gap between the images. The company offers record keeping at the top of the screen. The Search tab is prominent to make it easier for users to find the people, places and things most important to them. The tab also contains a new interactive map.

The Library tab contains important parts like albums, favorite photos, waste bin, archives, etc. Users in the United States, Canada, or the European Union see a print store where they can purchase print products that improve their photos.

Google has identified the new interactive map as one of the most popular features since the photo service was launched 5 years ago. You can tap the screen and zoom to see where the photo was taken.

Google said: Last year, the "Save" feature was introduced that allows users to watch key moments in recent years, and more than 120 million users (save) watch each month. Today, it adds new types of memories, such as the best selfies, group photos with best friends, and group photos with family and travel photos. The company has also moved animations and videos from the "You Care" tab (now removed) to the "Memory" section.

Google also announced a redesign of the service logo to make it removable. The; The new design will be released next week for Android and iOS users.

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