Huawei wins $ 1.2 billion research center
Huawei wins $ 1.2 billion research center

Chinese company Huawei announced on Thursday that it had received a building permit for a British research and development center worth one billion pounds ($ 1.2 billion). Huawei said in a statement: The new center will employ approximately 400 people and will focus on manufacturing optical devices for fiber communication systems.

This development could infuriate American officials and some British lawmakers. They said Beijing may use Huawei's spy devices. The UK is expected to review last January's decision to allow Huawei a limited role in 5G networks. hers. Huawei denied this claim.

British authorities are currently evaluating the best way to mitigate Huawei's security risks based on the new U.S. sanctions announced in May. These sanctions aim to reduce the supply of advanced microchips that society needs to manufacture devices. A decision is expected in the coming weeks.

Huawei Vice President (Zhang Zhang) said that the technology developed by the new center is separate from the purpose of US restrictions and found that the center's announcement, which influenced the UK's decision, was "a mistake." He said Huawei started work on the project in 2017 and gained a 500-hectare development site near Cambridge, 70 km north of London, in 2018.

US officials said this development project is part of China's efforts to build its influence in the West. "They donated money, hired graduates, and improved the public image," Foreign Minister Keith Crash said in a tweet on Tuesday. Then came intimidation, coercion and increased surveillance. ""

This is related to the Trump administration's decision that Trump's decision to own or control major Chinese companies, including Huawei and CCTV Hikvision, by the Chinese military has laid the groundwork for US financial sanctions news. .

Because of national security concerns, Washington put Huawei and Hikvision on the trade blacklist last year and launched an international campaign to persuade its allies to exclude Huawei from 5G networks.

Reuters reported for the first time in a Defense Department document listing 20 companies operating in the United States. Washington claimed to have the support of the Chinese army.

This list could exacerbate tensions between the world's two largest economies. The two countries do not agree on how to deal with the coronavirus, and China is implementing security laws in Hong Kong.

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