Google launches Kean and will compete with Pinterest
Google launches Kean and will compete with Pinterest

Google announced today (Thursday) a new service experience (with a passion for testing) that allows users to Kean track of the content they care about online.

Although the service (Kean) is very similar to the website (Pinterest), it provides the advantages of automation and the use of technology for machine learning. The service was developed by Google Area 120 Business Incubator in cooperation with the company’s PAIR division, which is dedicated to developing a human-centered machine learning system.

Google said in an article that the user of the service (Kane) can determine the content they want to view. Then the service finds the content you love. The service can be used as an app on Android and the entire network.

After specifying the content title, the user can save the search term to find problematic content and then return to the topic that they specified. Finds images that represent different types of content that match your search term, including: YouTube Video, and Blog Comment.

The service also includes groups that use Google's search engine and machine learning technology to help users discover more relevant content. Users can contribute or follow topics. The user can add any of these topics to his group or share it with other users.

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