Google launches beta Android 11 with many functions
Google launches beta Android 11 with many functions

Google announced last week that it had postponed the launch of the Android 11 beta because "this is not party time" and points to protests in the United States. Google is back today to announce this news. In addition, Google offers a number of tools that Android developers can use to work comfortably.

Google said, instead of hosting live events, it's best to say: it's more willing to launch a lot of videos and digital resources, as well as Android 11 Beta and new features.

After reverting to the new features that Google had introduced in the past to enhance interpersonal communication (such as making Google Meet available to all users and the social status of the Duo app), the company said: Android 11 The system broadcasts all conversations in all applications that correspond to the assigned area in the notification area . The goal is to facilitate presentation, response and management. You can prioritize any conversations at any time so that users don’t miss a conversation even when the “Do Not Disturb” mode is enabled.

Android 11 also provides a new bubble feature that allows users to respond to and interact with interesting conversations without having to switch between apps. The system also contains functionality. When entering content using the Google Gboard keyboard, the system automatically suggests the user's assigned text and emojis. However, the advantage of this functionality is that it is implemented locally on the site machine without having to interact with Google Server to communicate.

Android 11 improves the control functions of smart devices connected to the Internet by pressing the power button. The site can adjust the temperature, light the lights and lock the front door without opening many applications. The system also includes new multimedia control controls that allow users to accelerate the speed with which users can transfer audio or video content from any device to another device, such as a mobile device. B. Transferring sound through headphones. For speakers or even TV.

To continue to protect user privacy provided by earlier versions of Android, Android 11 has a unique authentication feature that allows users to give the app access to the microphone. The camera or website only needs to ask them permission once and each time they try to access it. .

If the app has not been used for a long time, Google will revoke the permissions granted to it and notify the user at the same time so that he can re-authenticate the app or agree to the cancellation.

In its article, Google mentioned other features that Android 11 offers for smartphones, such as screen recording, updated voice access, improved performance and improved approval lists.

This way, in addition to other phones that will be supported in the coming weeks, you can also download the Android 11 beta for Pixel 2 phones and other users.

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