Google makes it easier for developers to build voice actions for its assistant
Google makes it easier for developers to build voice actions for its assistant

The Google Assistant itself is a very powerful tool, but it will improve when used with other applications and services. The search giant wants to improve the functionality of its voice assistant, prompting it to announce it at the Voice Global 2020 conference. Many updates make it easier for developers to use the assistant to create new experiences.

These ads help create digital assistant tools, make interactions with helpers faster and smoother, and get more accurate answers to inquiries.

According to Payam Shodjai product manager, these ads are the most important since the company acquired Dialogflow platform in 2016, and the most interesting are three new features: home storage, continuous messaging and AMP support. Smart screen.

Home Storage allows developers to use shared smart screens to store detailed information about individual user interactions. The Multimedia API makes it easy to eavesdrop on long content by letting users track where they are caught.

Continuous Match Mode allows for smoother interaction with the processor and allows it to quickly respond to commands for a smoother experience by learning specific words and phrases.

To make the smart screen more useful, Google has announced the launch of AMP on devices (like Nest Nest) that support (Google Assistant) so that users can view compatible content on their screens.

As soon as it is available later this summer, AMP compatible articles such as news articles are available on the smart screen. According to Google, there will be more updates coming in the coming months.

In addition to the new Google Assistant feature, the company released new tools that developers can use to create voice assistant operations, such as: b. Action Builder (web console included in Google console) that developers can use to create, debug, and test programs. Publish, publish and analyze everything in one place.

While these are minor changes, the combination of more features and user-focused development tools can improve Google Assistant for up to 500 million people. Google says it uses more than 30 languages ​​every month in 90 countries.

The research giant invests in optimized assistants for their more natural use, and most of this work should include developers and other third parties.

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