New Windows 10 feature that reduces Chrome memory usage
New Windows 10 feature that reduces Chrome memory usage

Since Microsoft introduced a new feature in Windows 10, this can drastically reduce Chrome memory usage. According to the (Windows Latest) report, the Windows 10 update (20H1) in May 2020, this is the case where high Google Chrome memory consumption can be a thing of the past. Attracting global users.

This update is the first major OS update this year. It improves Windows heap functionality and thus reduces total memory usage for Win32 apps (like Chrome).

The SegmentHeap value is available to developers, and Microsoft explained that the latest update to Windows 10 introduced this new value, which generally reduces memory usage in Windows 10 or later in 2004.

The company confirmed that it started using the new values ​​in the Edge-based Web Browser (Chromium), as initial tests showed that, thanks to a Windows 10 update in May 2020, memory was reduced by 27%.

Google seems to like this idea and plans to update Chrome with Windows 10-like enhancements. Chrome can also use this new value. According to a new comment from (Chromium Gerrit), this change could happen soon.

Chrome developers have commented in the comments that the subscription experience shows that running browsers and web utilities for some devices can save hundreds of megabytes, and the actual results will vary greatly. Save most of the device.

Microsoft and Google also confirmed that the actual results will vary greatly, which means that personal performance may be less than 27% or higher. However, this change will reduce memory usage somewhat and provide better results. For both of them. Experiment.

It is not yet mentioned that these improvements will be implemented in the stable release of Google Chrome in the 2004 release of Windows 10.

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