Intel unveils RealSense D455 camera
Intel unveils RealSense D455 camera

Intel has announced a new version of RealSense Deep Photography, the new version, RealSense D455, which supports higher resolution and long-range photography and is now available for $ 239.

Intel offers RealSense Depth Cameras, especially for Android applications, and supports 3D Vision to support Android mobile devices without GPS.

The new version of the D455 also has a distance of up to 6 meters, which is twice that of the previous D400. The previous version D400 effectively provides the most distance without damaging the field of view, as the camera has RGB. The sensor supports deep shutter and improves communication between different transmitters thanks to the stereo recording in the camera and supports improved color accuracy.

As Intel strives to improve the D455's color accuracy, the camera can support efficient work in different lighting conditions, as Intel suggests that these features will help developers design and manufacture new devices that focus more on vision to enhance better interactivity and raise awareness.


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