Kaspersky offers Kaspersky Total Security free for three months
Kaspersky offers Kaspersky Total Security free for three months

As global threats to digital security continue to increase, Kaspersky provides users with free, three-month access to Kaspersky's comprehensive security software package, which is part of Middle Eastern companies, governments, and organizations that continue to operate remotely. This is part of the global effort to spread the word slow internet security. Corona pandemic.

Kaspersky's comprehensive security solution provides a comprehensive level of security for multiple devices while working or studying online. Kaspersky decided to make this package available to users free of charge for 3 months.

Kaspersky's comprehensive security software includes anti-virus and anti-malware features for webcam security and password management, as well as a virtual private network (VPN), all included in one license package.

Kaspersky Security Experts (Maher Yamout) have called for the utmost security vigilance and appropriate measures to maintain digital security for users while companies, governments, and educational institutions continue to operate and offer distance learning. He said: disruptive groups are trying to exploit the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of users, especially on low-digital security devices and wireless home networks (Wi-Fi), and stressed the urgent need to ensure a high level of protection to ensure the security of user data and devices to ensure that they are protected from malware attacks Different.

Cybercriminals use the taste of a corona to achieve their malignant goals. Individuals continue to take care of their own and their families ’health. The forged documents aim to increase public awareness of the emerging corona virus, continue to spread malware and cause more harm.

In addition to errors from users who do not wish to download malware called Corona Virus, there are certain programs of their own. Compared to the weekend, the risk of the Emirates downloading this malicious program on weekdays increased by 66%.

Security expert Maher Yamout said that, given the current situation, it is interesting to follow the latest developments of the epidemic. He said: Personal curiosity led them to follow the link that provided them with the latest information, and Maher added: "Cybercriminals know this and use their personal fear. Their health enables them to spread hidden malicious intentions about common files." Programs such as: (pdf, mp4 and docx) contain The titles of these files are linked to the virus, which are said to contain the latest developments and information on the current situation and the latest findings from medical research and international scientists and how to avoid diseases. It is important to be vigilant and do not click on suspicious links in these difficult times, and we are excited to offer this promotional offer from Kaspersky based on our commitment to ensuring the security of people, equipment and data in the Middle East. "

Kaspersky's comprehensive security software is easy to use, prevents viruses, blocks data, files, and other threats and provides advanced encryption that simulates banking system encryption. To ensure the highest level of online payment protection and secure passwords, photos and personal files.

Parents can also protect their children from potential malicious digital activity, suspicious websites and inappropriate content using the features of Kaspersky's advanced parental controls. If kids get used to their online learning methods and spend a lot of time, this is a powerful and reliable feature available online for home entertainment.

You can benefit from Kaspersky Total Security promotions by visiting a special website.

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