Trump implicates the FCC in his war with Twitter
Trump implicates the FCC in his war with Twitter

President Donald Trump's efforts to make regulatory decisions by social media companies may face difficult challenges for regulators, who previously said that despite the president of the Federal Communications Commission  Ajit Pai, it is not so and have not supported Trump's new proposal to monitor the behavior of Internet companies, but they "The commission will carefully review all petitions related to the rules," she said in a statement.

(Pei) said in August 2018: he hoped social media companies would support freedom of expression, but he didn't see the FCC's role in regulating websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. He added at the time: "Because of freedom of expression, the government will not regulate freedom of expression. Regulating these platforms is not among their duties and we have no right to do so." Act."

Another Republican from the five-member committee, Mike O'Reilly, expressed a different opinion: "As a governor, I am annoyed by free technology leaders, but at the same time I am very loyal to the first amendment, if it matters here."

Trump signed a decree instructing the Department of Commerce's National Communications and Information Administration (NTIA) to compel the Federal Communications Commission to set rules under Section 230 of the 1996 Naming Act that would provide legal protection for social media companies.

Another hurdle is timing, as the FCC will spend at least a few months reviewing it. The public can be consulted before drafting regulatory proposals. Regulations may take a year or more to complete, i.e. after a long time. November presidential elections.

Article 230 protects internet companies from any liability for illegal content posted by users and enables them to delete legally acceptable but socially unacceptable posts.

Trump wants the FCC to urgently propose regulations defining the goodwill of companies to delete specific content. He also hopes that Congress will raise the guarantees of Section 230.

Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr said he hoped the committee would seek a public opinion on the National Communications and Information Administration (NTIA) petition to clarify what good company meant and allow it to draw clear lines and misconduct among behaviors.

The Twitter platform has described Trump's decree as a reactionary and politicized method of historical law, adding: an attempt to unilaterally undermine the future of language on the Internet and Internet freedom.

Alexandra Gevens, executive director of the Institute of Technology and Policy at Georgetown University, said the decree violated the constitution and ignored 20 years of law. Encourage violence on the platform.

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