LG's latest wireless self-cleaning headphones
LG's latest wireless self-cleaning headphones

LG has announced a new wireless headphone that delivers an exceptional listening experience and live sound through (Meridian Audio) technology. The new Korean company (HBS-FN6) belongs to the group (TONE Free). .

This headphone has a unique function in the charging case that uses the company's UV nano-UV cleaning technology.

The charging case uses UV technology, which allows cleaning the helmet while charging the helmet to kill bacteria and bacteria in the helmet.

The company demonstrated the concept for the first time in South Korea last year using TONE Free headphones.

According to a LG press release, the UV-charging box removes 99% of E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus from the non-toxic, hypoallergenic inner gel and the inner silicone, keeping the ears clean.

A large number of studies have shown that headphones contain more bacteria than those on a kitchen chopping board, indicating that they can be potential carriers of an ear infection.

The speakers are matte black and glossy white and have custom EQ sound settings developed by (Meridian Audio). Each provides four unique presets for a perfectly designed listening experience.

It also provides a noise isolation function for a comfortable earmuff that prevents most of the spreading external noise, while the surround sound mode allows its wearer to hear the surrounding noise with the push of a button. the button.

The small charging box provides up to 1 hour listening time after five minutes of charging time. It is said that the headset can last up to six hours with one charge, and the box can charge the headset three times, giving users a total operating time of 18 hours.

The new headset is easy to use and durable, and has an IPX4 protection level to prevent water, rain and sweat from working, and supports voice commands for easy access to the Google Assistant or the Apple Assistant on a connected smartphone.

With touch controls on each speaker, listeners can play and pause music, skip and control the current track without having to access the phone.

LG Home Entertainment Head of Audio and Video said, “The company is always striving to provide better sound to consumers better. With new headphones, we are expanding our successful partnership with (Meridian Audio). In addition to audio, headphones also offer new things, which is a process Also ".

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