The boycott of Facebook ads is getting bigger
The boycott of Facebook ads is getting bigger

Facebook's problems are gradually getting worse as well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Hershey and Honda have announced that they will temporarily stop using the world's major social networks to advertise.

(Mark Zuckerberg) appears to have promised to add tags to rules that violate political rules, but that didn't stop the most famous advertisers from joining a social media boycott.

Unilever, a multi-brand company, including Dove, Lipton and Verizon, had previously announced plans to join a county organized by civil rights organizations.

According to a table listing the names, more than 120 companies participated in the province. Some companies like Coca-Cola have decided to suspend their Facebook ads, but have not specifically joined the boycott.

"There is no place for racism in the world, no place for racism on social media platforms," ​​CEO James Quincy said in a statement to CNBC. ''

"Coca-Cola will temporarily suspend paid advertising on all social media platforms around the world for at least 30 days. We will re-evaluate advertising policies and expect social media partners to take more accountability and transparency," he added.

Regardless of whether the boycott is official or not, the need for transparency increases, prompting Facebook to take more action to address the concerns of some well-known advertisers. A spokesman said in a statement: The company will continue to work with civil rights organizations.

"We invest billions of dollars annually to ensure community security. We continue to work with external experts to review and update policies. We are ready to review civil rights and 250 organizations, promoting Facebook and Instagram, forbidden to promote white supremacy," the spokesman added.

The spokesman explained that the social media giant's investment in artificial intelligence means that 90% of hate speech can be identified before reporting it, and said it will continue to work with organizations. Defending civil rights and experts to develop other tools and technologies. And politicians.

The province organized a group of civil rights organizations. They said they staged protests in response to Facebook's long history and enabled the spread of racism, violence and fake content on its platform.

County leaders have strongly criticized Zuckerberg's statement announcing new regulations to ban hate speech in advertisements and plans to classify the positions of some political figures.

The organization has already taken a number of actions requested by Facebook, including publishing more information about hate speech and conducting a more in-depth review with large social media organizations.

It should be noted that the impact of the boycott is unclear, given that Facebook has generated billions of dollars in advertising revenue, and it appears that a month of advertising cuts can have little impact on business. But pressure from advertisers can create pressure. People are confused, especially when the platform says: Because of the coronavirus, the advertising revenue has decreased.

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