Microsoft is pointing to the next generation of Xbox
Microsoft is pointing to the next generation of Xbox

According to information released since last year, Microsoft is preparing to launch the next-generation game console (Lockbox), codenamed "Lockhart", which currently has a cheap and low-power platform.

The platform aims to make major next-generation improvements to the Xbox Series X platform while offering 1080p or 1440p game prices at a lower price.

Recently published Microsoft documents contain references to the Lockhart platform and several Project Scarlett platforms.

Project Scarlett was the name Microsoft originally used before the Xbox Series X platform was officially named.

Rumors say there are two next-generation game platforms in the larger Scarlet project: Anaconda and Lockhart.

Microsoft has unveiled a Python python on the motherboard of the Xbox Series X platform related to Python python, but the company has yet to discuss the Lockhart plan publicly.

The leaked document also refers to Lockhard platform's LockhardProfiling mode. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans for the Xbox platform indicate that this special mode (LockhardProfiling) is part of the Xbox Series X Developers Toolbox.

The Xbox Series X developer kit (codenamed Dante) enables game developers to enable Private Mode (LockhardProfiling), which contains the performance profiles that Microsoft wants to access on the second platform. .

The next generation platform (Xbox) can carry up to 7.5 GB of available RAM with GPU performance of around 4 teraflops, and the platform target game is 1080 pixels or 1440 pixels instead of 4K.

Xbox Series X includes up to 13.5 GB of available RAM. The goal is to perform a GPU of 12 teraflops.

Although Microsoft has not yet recognized the Lockhart platform, the icon name next to the references to (Anaconda) and (also on the operating system for the Xbox One company (Dante).

Microsoft appears to be considering launching the next generation platform (Xbox) using (Xbox Series X), provided Microsoft does not cancel it at the last minute and (Lockhart) can be named (Xbox Series S).

The second Xbox platform is crucial for Microsoft's pricing strategy for next-generation gaming platform, as the company has promised to provide an Xbox All Access subscription to the Xbox X series, which includes paid services for the Xbox Live platform and Xbox Game Pass each month.

The software giant currently offers subscriptions (Xbox One S All Digital Edition) for $ 19.99 per month, including subscriptions (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate), and likewise offers the platform (Lockhart) for people who join the subscription would like. Large.

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