Microsoft is removing one of the best features from the Windows 10 update
Microsoft is removing one of the best features from the Windows 10 update

Microsoft continues to release the latest update for Windows 10 2004 for consumers and businesses, the May 2020 Update.

The software giant appears to have removed some major benefits of the non-home OS, mainly by removing the ability to delay major updates for up to 365 days.

Reduced users (Windows 10 Pro), (Windows 10 Enterprise), and (Windows 10 Education) can manually delay update time from 365 days to only 35 days. This is the time currently available to home users.

According to Microsoft, this change was intended because the company wanted to avoid confusion so that all Windows 10 devices could take advantage of the changes to the update installation strategy that was implemented last year.

The purpose of the new policy is to make the device viable by releasing important updates near its shelf life, since many of these devices are updated only once a year. It hasn't been updated for some time, no matter which version of Windows you need to update.

Windows 10 users, whether Home or Professional, can temporarily suspend Windows updates for up to 35 days via the Advanced Options page.

In the latest release of Windows 10, Microsoft simplifies this functionality by adding the "update pause up to 7 days" option on the Windows Update home page so that this option can be used a total of 5 times to update the update temporarily by up to a 35-day delay.

Although (Windows 10 Pro), (Windows 10 Enterprise) and (Windows 10 Education) users can transfer the update using the "Select update install time" option on the same page with advanced options.

This option allows users to install quality features and updates with a single calendar, so feature updates can be deferred for up to a year, and quality updates can be delayed up to 30 days.

Regardless of the calendar, the difference between these options and the ability to suspend manually is that they are permanent and apply to all future updates.

However, Microsoft removed the 2004 version of Windows 10. You can delay the update by specifying when to install the update on the Advanced Options page, and any user with Windows 10 (regardless of product version) has the same option to update up to 35 days for a delay.

Currently, the company has allowed advanced users to use local group policies to re-enable update delay.

Microsoft says: If you want to continue to use the delay, you can use local group policies to schedule when to receive preview copies and feature updates and when to receive quality updates, and that can delay quality updates for up to 30 days and feature updates up to 365 days. Before.

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