NeatReceipts 00445 Mobile Scanner Review
NeatReceipts 00445 Mobile Scanner
NeatReceipts can be run on your workstation at less than a pound and over USB. NeatReceipts is the ideal tool for work, at home or on the go. With NeatReceipts, you can change the information cached in the document so you can organize, save, protect and activate it. Scan receipts to view expense reports, scan business cards, prepare taxes (IRS accepts NR scans instead of physical receipts!) And document management. You can even export data and scans to PDF, organize files and convert scans into editable text using Smart Sort.

NeatReceipts is a portable scanner and digital filing system that allows you to scan receipts, business cards and documents to organize, store and protect all important information. NeatReceipts contains the Neat software package. These programs can select and extract important information and automatically organize the information for you. Convert receipts to expense reports, business cards and contacts in the address book and create searchable PDFs from each document. Export information to PDF, Excel, Quickens, QuickBooks, TurboTax, etc.

Scan receipts and business cards to organize all important information
Export information in PDF, Excel, Quickens, QuickBooks, TurboTax, etc. formats

Convert paper into useful information
The patented software can activate the information entered on paper so you can edit and add comments, run reports, etc.
Save, organize and protect

Create a digital filing cabinet to organize and protect all important information.
From paper to productivity

Export to PDF, Excel, Quicken, Turbo Tax, Outlook, vCard, Plaxo etc.
A solution for all types of paper

Neat can help you manage receipts, business cards and documents.

Driven by fashion programs
NeatReceipts is supported by the Neat Software suite, through which receipts, business cards and documents can be scanned and tax reports generated. Think of it as a digital filing cabinet for documents, business cards and receipts. Unlike the old paper monsters in the corner, you can search for any item in the system by simply entering keywords, dates, locations, items, or any other information that you choose.

NeatDesk supports the Neat software suite, which can scan receipts, business cards and documents, and generate tax reports. View larger image

Elegant procedures are a better way to organize paper. You don't have to crowd desk desks and drawers. Simply scan any document and you will receive a digital copy that you can save electronically to the system.
Scan receipts

With NeatReceipts, you can save receipts and supplier records, create digital copies of data and totals, create expense reports, and manage business and personal expenses. The program also allows users to track tax expenditures (accepted IRS records) and easily export data to Excel, Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax

Scan the business card
Organize Rolodex digitally with NeatReceipts to create card digital photos and contact information. The program captures names, addresses, companies, addresses, etc. and creates your contact database for searching and exporting to Outlook and other calling programs.
Scan the document

With NeatReceipts, you can also create searchable PDFs, copy / paste, edit, organize and save text in Neat digital workbooks.
What's in the box
NeatReceipts 00445 Mobile Scanner Review
NeatReceipts 00445 Mobile Scanner

Stylish Portable Scanner, Stylish Software Installation CD, USB Cable, Protective Case, Scanner Calibration And Cleaning Paper, Quick Start Guide.
The required configuration
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Pentium IV 2.0+ GHz or faster (dual core recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM capacity of 2 GB is recommended
  • 1 GB of hard disk space for installation
  • A CD or DVD drive is required for installation
  • Available USB port

NeatReceipts 00445 Mobile Scanner Specs
  • Light and light can be played via a computer via USB
  • It reads and extracts information accurately from everything you delete - digital content is created
  • Use document data to generate tax or expense reports, export them to Excel, Quicken, or TurboTax and sync contacts with Outlook or contacts
  • Includes a free 30-day trial of NeatCloud to sync, backup and access Neat files from anywhere in your browser or mobile device
  • NeatCare provides excellent support and protection against accidental damage from NeatDesk - as long as you are a NeatCloud customer

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