Review WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage
WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage
WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage WDBVBZ0080JCH-NESN
The 1.3GHz dual core processor delivers high performance and super fast transmission speed. Up to 16 TB of central storage for the entire network. Simple system management for custom backup. Windows-Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X-El Capitan (Mac OS 10.11) Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10) Maverick (Mac OS 10.9) Mountain Lion * (Mac OS 10.8 (Lion *) Mac OS 10 OS compatibility may vary (please note, depending on computer configuration and operating system).

High performance storage, broadcast, sync and sharing anytime, anywhere
With the powerful NAS solution, you can organize your media collection in one place and access it securely from anywhere. With the help of My Cloud EX2 Ultra, you can achieve ultra-fast transfer speed for smooth, high-definition playback. Plus, you can automatically sync content between computers, easily share files and folders, and take advantage of different backup options so you can easily create a custom system for you.
  • Smooth 1.3GHz dual-core processor, smooth performance
  • 1GB DDR3 Memory for easy multitasking
  • Central network storage and access from anywhere
  • Automatically sync files to all computers
  • Simplify sharing of files and folders
  • Personal backup and multiple RAID options
Seamless continuous updates
When you upgrade the powerful dual core Marvell Armada 385 1.3 GHz processor, you get ultra-fast transfer rate for high-performance broadcasts. It also comes with 1GB DDR3 memory that allows you to multitask with ease.

Sync content across all computers
With WD Sync, you can automatically sync media files and files between your computer and your My Cloud device, so you can make sure your content is always up to date and available on all devices.

Simplify sharing of files and folders

You can easily customize the way you share using public or private links. You can share your content via public links so everyone can view it. With private links, you can give a limited number of users or full access and work safely with everyone. Regardless of whether you take or edit photos at home, you can record your creations with the utmost accuracy and share them with the entire network without running out of time.

Improved data protection
The WD SmartWare Pro backup software allows computer users to allocate time and place to save content, while Mac users have full access to the Apple Time Machine for custom backup. You can also backup data automatically to a separate My Cloud NAS device or any supported cloud service (like Amazon S3 or ElephantDrive). In addition to AES encryption with 256 volumes, files can be stored securely on the network regardless of the operating system being used.
Review WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage
WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage

Use Plex to search, organize, and distribute
Plex Media Server organizes all your photos, videos, and music and can be streamed to a computer, mobile device, game console or other media player. Enrich your media with abstracts, posters and album covers and enjoy them at home or on the go. Buy a 3-month free trial!

ARCUS Supervisor Professor
With Milestone ARCUS monitoring software in My Cloud EX2 Ultra, you get easy-to-use features that help you keep track of important information. You can use the free Milestone Mobile app or use your computer, smartphone or tablet to view live feeds, recorded videos or export incidents anywhere for immediate action. With over 3700 supported cameras to choose from, including two free camera licenses (2), this is the perfect surveillance solution for your home *.

WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage Specs
  • Central network storage and access to any place from computers or mobile devices
  • The high-performance 1.3GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM enables seamless multimedia transfer and extremely fast file transfer
  • Milestone Arcus Surveillance software with unlimited camera license
  • Multiple RAID configurations and automatic backup options help protect important data
  • Automatically sync files to all computers so you can access them anytime, anywhere
  • Voice encryption and password protection improve data security
  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Safari 6 or higher, Firefox 30 or above, or Google Chrome 31 or higher on supported Windows and Mac OS systems

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