Review 2020 KKUYI AC15 GPS Tracker for Vehicles
2020 KKUYI AC15 GPS Tracker for Vehicles

KKUYI AC15 Vehicle GPS Tracker, 2020 Model Car Tracker for Cars, Bicycles, Travel, Kids, Elderly, Dogs etc., Hidden Mini Electromagnetic Tracker with Dual Position GPS / AGPS, Real Target Tracker Ti

1. GPS must be implemented during the first work. It must have GSM and GPS signal. If there are metal or structural obstacles above the GPS tracker, the GPS satellite signal will be blocked.

Fast to use
Insert the SIM card into the device. For the first test, you need to remove the device to search for satellite signals.
Then use your mobile phone, call the device, turn it off or send the "smslink123456" message to the SIM card in the tracker. Response mode on the device.

Standard Mode: Vibration Energy Saver Mode (about 25 working days)
The tracker stays asleep without feeling shaken. During vibrating, the station is charged every single minute. No more power saving settings and GPRS data.

Real-time emergency mode (Mode T) (about 4 working days)
If the time period you specified is one minute, the tracker downloads the location every minute, regardless of whether it is moving or fixed.

You will consume energy soon. The tracker remains on for 4 days. We recommend not to use this method of work much.
Review 2020 KKUYI AC15 GPS Tracker for Vehicles
2020 KKUYI AC15 GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Unique positioning mode (non-power saving mode) (about 33 working days)
The tracker will no longer download the site automatically unless you request it. If the tracker remains in this professional mode, the location and time set will be the same as the last time.

If necessary, you must apply for a job in the DAGPS app. You cannot check the historical path in this business mode.

2020 KKUYI AC15 GPS Tracker for Vehicles Specs
  • Supports multiple smart positioning modes + settings for electronic fences and security zones ★: (1) Dual GPS (AGPS) provides you with more accurate and faster modes, free queries, global queries, computer and application inquiries, you can latitude / line Length / query time / speed in real time; (2) If the device crosses the safety zone and enters the device in an underground garage or other areas that GPS cannot see, you will receive an alert informing you about the last location of the device.
  • Strong magnetic absorption ability + free installation + fast use + large capacity ★: (1) It has strong magnetic absorption ability, the GPS tracker can be absorbed on the car for real-time positioning. It is small and weighs only 143 grams, which makes it easy to carry. The compact design (built-in antenna and battery) on the phone card allows you to place the tracker outside. The device connects automatically, easily, easy to use and without installation. This is a tracker
  • Multiple alarms provided + 3D Street View ★: (1) Low Energy Alarm, Displacement Alarm, Fence Alarm, Cross-border Alarm, Newly Added Vibration Alarm (Optional) and many other alarm functions as per your choice; (2) Whenever you like If you see the animal detailing site and the street isn't clear, you can click on the 3D Street View to view the nearby buildings and always know the animal's location.
  • Historical path playback over 180 days + enhanced double parameters and SMS text messages ★: (1) it can be read within 180 days after the path, it can track the animal, stay in time and time, you can view the historical information at any time; (2) The application configuration is easier and more practical, it is not necessary to save the SIM card in the device and not to send SMS parameters.
  • Intelligent energy saving, extremely low energy consumption + multi-vehicle management ★: (1) You can supply our products with large capacity batteries: 6500MA and 4400MA, whether portable or fixed, the device is connected to the internet in real time. If you want to extend your device’s battery life or save energy, just switch to power saving mode. (2) You can view or monitor multiple vehicles installed under one account for easy management.

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