Review Wyze WYZEC2WHSK1 Cam V2 1080P Indoor Camera
Wyze WYZEC2WHSK1 Cam V2 1080P Indoor Camera

Wyze WYZEC2WHSK1 Cam V2 1080P Indoor Camera
The compact Wyze design and low price can stimulate your creativity. Place contact sensors on beverage cabinets, trash cans, cookie garage doors, and anything else that can open or close the room where I want to place the Waze camera motion sensor

China? : I want to solve this problem first because I have not tested this aspect of the system. If other people are right about China with this FTSE, I still don't care, and this pricing system is always worth it! If China really wants to see what I do on the computer at two in the morning after her family members go to bed, you are very welcome. WennChina If you're watching TV, give me the rest of the materials, organize the entire house and put it in the room, including a weekly show. (This topic explains my wife's mood. What I recently said bothered her. I can often appear on my own in front of a computer.)

Camera: clear pictures and sound. Track responsive screen movement and motion event logger. You don't notice any lags for more than two seconds, possibly due to a standard router with multiple devices connected. Tonight I discovered, tracked and recorded floating feathers in the room after increasing sensitivity. (Don't usually do this so you don't have to worry all night.) You can even draw squares around different parts of the room (doors and windows) and set the tracker and camera so that they are recorded only when recognized areas move. You can also configure the camera to start recording when a specific sensor is activated. If you are gay and have a utility room between the garage and the kitchen, this is a great advantage. I attached the door sensor to the garage door. If someone opens the garage door to the utility room, they have another door before entering the kitchen. When the sensor is turned on, the door camera starts recording automatically and prepares to capture it before the intruder enters the door. If the connection speed is slow, all delays caused by the motion recorder are filled with the camera. Many things can happen in 3 seconds.

Door / Window: Too Small! Easy to install and very interactive. My only party is to install tapes. I'm sure it will be down soon, but I find a little problem that needs to be fixed small. I'm going to cut the door and frame to pass the halves on both sides. This way, the sensor does not fall off over time, it can be removed without opening the door, and above all, it cannot be seen. If you try, you'll need to install a method to remix it. I have pasted an L-shaped tape with the door to the side so that I can remove it if necessary.

Motion sensor: works well! Small, light and sensitive! Be vigilant until nothing moves for a long time. So, if you've seen this message for 5 minutes, you'll get a lot of exercise. I also found a big deal. Find the desired site and install small magnets and flat panels. The metal plate is painted on the wall so you can hide and install the sensor. Easy! Same glue as the doorbell. The coolest thing is size and sensitivity. This week I will be making a small waterproof box that can be installed outside the home. Motion detection of input and output. Not to mention, someone got into my car and told us when someone looked outside the window late at night.
Review Wyze WYZEC2WHSK1 Cam V2 1080P Indoor Camera
Wyze WYZEC2WHSK1 Cam V2 1080P Indoor Camera

Bridge: Well, I read a lot of comments about Bridge (it connects the sensor to the camera, which also gives you access to it). It is a small bridge with low energy consumption. So if the sensor is too far from the bridge, you should not expect to properly connect the sensor. WYZE needs to do more work here to integrate your SmartThings so that it can be used as an accessory hub with a larger connection, or simply create your own hub for connecting to your home router.

The current task may be to bundle your home with multiple programs and connect cameras and sensors by region so that the sensors indicate the closest camera. Please note that the camera can only access the camera if it has to pass through the WLAN sensor to access the router. If you plan the system by testing and understanding the coverage, you can free up enough space. If you have enough money to buy SmartThings, this is an excellent analog WiFi router 3 that can cover the entire big house or even the entire home.

Wyze WYZEC2WHSK1 Cam V2 1080P Indoor Camera Specs
  • Installation type: wall mount
  • Supports iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 or higher. Communication requirements - SD 1.0 Mbit / s download speed, HD 1.5 Mbit / s download speed
  • Connect to the Internet wirelessly using WiFi. However, it still had to be attached to the wall to receive electricity

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