Review ANTEMPER K66 7 Inch Kids Tablet
ANTEMPER K66 7 Inch Kids Tablet

Qualification exam
You can choose what your child can access, control screen time, and make sure to browse a secure website. The iWawa app blocks Android tablets for children in the iWawa dashboard, and children can only access content in iWawa. Of course, parents can use the password to exit the parental control operator and access all functions of the tablet.

Preventing accidental falls
You don't need to worry about how the tablet slips into the case as there are non-toxic bumpers in every corner of the tablet and the built-in anti-slip quadruple protection design is more suitable for children.

Education and entertainment
Integrated educational programs for children and puzzle programs (no subscription required). This tablet can bring your child a lot of fun and knowledge of what they really deserve. You can also visit the Google Play Store to get more information about education and age.

More imagination
We have installed apps for kids so your kids can enjoy the tablet. Of course, we also have thousands of downloadable apps where kids can learn and chat.

Stable network performance
The highly optimized WiFi design provides a more stable WiFi network connection, broadband network connection, anytime browsing, video chat, games, movies, TV series etc.

Excellent IPS screen
With the IPS 1204x600 screen, the colors get richer and the picture quality is better. Create eye comfort, reduce harmful blue light, and create healthy reading conditions for you and your family.

Large additional storage space
16 GB ROM memory, expandable to 128 GB using a small SD card to provide more storage space (requires 128 GB micro SD card). You can add more songs, apps, pictures, videos, etc.
Review ANTEMPER K66 7 Inch Kids Tablet
ANTEMPER K66 7 Inch Kids Tablet

Dual camera and amplifier
2.0 MP front and rear cameras, suitable for photos, very suitable for video chats. The two-speaker tablet provides a powerful audio experience for your favorite music, videos and games.

ANTEMPER K66 7 Inch Kids Tablet Specs
  • [Full Board for Kids] - The ANTEMPER Tablet for Kids running Android 8.1 Go Go and Quad Core processor at 1.25GHz can be used quickly and smoothly to learn apps and games. Integrated cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.
  • [Featured Parental Control] - ANEMPER for kids has a parental control function for the preinstalled iWawa app. You can manually select apps for your child's accessible content and control screen display time to ensure your child is on a secure website.
  • [IPS Eye Protection Screen] The 7 '' (1024 x 600) screen provides children with clear and accurate graphics. The IPS screen provides a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, so your child can view images from any angle on the tablet.
  • [Large storage space] - The ANTEMPER tablet has 16GB of large storage space and 128GB of TF card storage, where it can store many songs, applications, photos, videos, etc. GMS for children is also certified.
  • [Exclusive children's bag made of high-quality ABS plastic and silicone resin. The ANTEMPER children's tablet is durable and drop resistant and can prevent children from falling into games. Integrated support maintains the distance between the child and the tablet.

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