Review RCA Atlas 10 Pro-S 64GB 10 inches Tablet
RCA Atlas 10 Pro-S 64GB 10 inches Tablet

RCA 10 Pro laptop launch with removable keyboard. 10 Pro runs on Android 7.0 and introduces new OS design material. The 10.1-inch Pro-Pro screen dazzles you. The 1.3GHz Quad Core processor is powerful enough to expand applications and tasks. Use a removable keyboard and built-in touchpad to quickly update your social status, compose emails and browse the web. If you are using it, please open the built-in WPS Office application and create strong documents and spreadsheets. By disconnecting the keyboard, you can easily convert RCA 10 Pro into a standalone tablet. You can also attach the tablet and keyboard in many positions depending on your taste or purpose. Use the Bluetooth feature on the tablet to pair and connect other possible devices with Bluetooth technology.

RCA Atlas 10 Pro-S 64GB 10 inches Tablet Specs
  • 10 inch 1280 x 800 IPS multi touch screen; TV with HDMI
  • 64GB memory (expandable micro SD card); Full-size USB and micro USB ports
  • Android 7.0; Compatible with Google Play
  • Front and back cameras. Global Positioning System
  • New gift boxes, original packaging and accessories include: AC charger. 6 hours battery life;

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