Review Garmin dezl OTR800 Truck GPS Navigator
Garmin dezl OTR800 Truck GPS Navigator

Use the dēzl ™ OTR800 truck browser to clearly define the route to follow. It has a large, easy-to-read 8-inch touchscreen - you can display it in portrait or landscape format. Provide specific instructions to the truck about the size and weight of the equipment (not available in all regions). If you redirect downloads to the best docking station in the industry, you'll see potential download areas or ample storage space as you get closer to your destination. Find a suitable place to park the truck and use the "Truck and Trailer Service" guide to find your favorite truck stop on the road. Useful warnings inform you about upcoming bridge heights, sharp curves, and steep slopes. Learn more about the common ways other truck drivers use to navigate new areas and increase your awareness of the situation. With the voice assistant, you can speak on the device while your hand is on the wheel.

fantastic show
Thanks to its bright and bright 8 "touch screen, this resource manager for trucks from ZL is designed to facilitate the display and operation of the cabin. Use the option to display the navigation screen in landscape or portrait format.

Steer trucks on demand
Simply enter the truck profile (customizable by size, weight, length, width and dangerous goods) to find the preferred truck method that fits your equipment and payload. (Not available in all regions. Entering truck profile attributes does not mean that truck specifications are calculated in all lane suggestions. All published traffic signs and conditions must always be followed.)

Tablet Download Instructions
When you arrive at your destination, the industry's best docking guide shows you potential shipping areas or large quantities of goods so you can decide where to go.

Popular truck routes
Driving in an unknown location? Check the truck rails that are commonly used by other truck drivers to increase your awareness of the situation.

Driver alarm
In order to promote safe driving and raise awareness of the condition, driver warnings alert you to upcoming sharp turns, gear and rail changes etc.

Truck parking spaces are very easy to use

Do you have to turn off the device? After logging in to the Garmin Drive app linked to your GPS smartphone, watch how the truck stops when the truck stops and where it stops on the way.

Choose the right site
Use the "Trucks and Trailers" preinstallation guide to find your preferred truck stand. You can filter the list by brand or convenience (such as "Flying J" or "Shower").

Installation options

DēzlOTR800 has a variety of mounting options, including electric magnetic locks with durable suction cups, spiral mounting and 1-inch spherical adapters with AMPS panels compatible with RAM mounting systems.
Review Garmin dezl OTR800 Truck GPS Navigator
Garmin dezl OTR800 Truck GPS Navigator

Meet the ELD

This large screen can be used with Garmin eLog Compatible ELD (sold separately) to record life without a subscription. No smartphone or tablet required for this FMCSA compatible solution.

Simple break schedule
Receive timely notifications so you can get the most out of every station.

Voice assistant
Do you need instructions? Just say a word. Your dlzl voice assistant responds to your voice request so that you can lay your hand on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Wireless update
The built-in Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to update maps and programs without a computer. When a new update is available, the bookmark will appear on the screen.

Garmin dezl OTR800 Truck GPS Navigator Specs
  • The large, easy-to-read 8-inch touch screen provides a clear, crisp, high-resolution screen in a horizontal or vertical format
  • Receive specific instructions for the truck based on the size and weight of the truck (not available in all regions) and display warnings about incoming deck elevations, weight restrictions, sharp turns, steep inclines, etc.
  • View your truck parking information while driving
  • With the pre-installed service catalog of trucks and trailers, you can filter truck filling stations by brand or convenience
  • The industry's top-down installation guide shows the potential loading area or many sizes when arriving at the destination
  • Numerous mounting options, including electromagnetic media with fixed suction cups, screw anchors and 1-inch spherical adapters with AMPS panels, which are compatible with RAM mounting systems
  • Learn about popular ways for truck drivers traveling to and raising awareness of new regions

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