Review MUXAN Waterproof Dog GPS Tracker
MUXAN Waterproof Dog GPS Tracker

▶ You must purchase a GSM (2G) SIM card and insert it into the device! We recommend: SpeedTalk, $ 5 a month, which is the cheapest monthly rate for all SIM cards. Other GPS tracking devices cost $ 15-25 per month


It works based on 2G GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellites
They are all small, elegant and easy to carry.
Equipped with adjustable collar and comfortable to wear.
✔IP66 Water Resistant: Waterproof, suitable for many environments
Manage multiple accounts on the Internet

MUXAN Waterproof Dog GPS Tracker Specs
  • Precise real-time mode] With dual GPS + AGPS positioning, you can locate and monitor any remote destination via SMS, applications and websites. The accuracy is between 16 and 32 feet.
  • Small and portable] Adjustable collar, comfortable to wear. Do not overburden large animals. Easy to carry and use.
  • Theft protection sicherung ❤I. Geofence: Determine a safety zone for this tracker to limit its movements in the region. If the device enters or leaves the area, you will receive a warning. Secondly. History tracking: You can view device history tracking through the website for up to 6 months.
  • Waterproof GPS GPS 66 IP66 waterproof, do not worry about rainy days.
  • $ 5 / month] does not include the SIM card. Our device supports GSM (2G) networks only. Please purchase a GSM (2G) card for this. T-Mobile and SpeedTalk support GSM (2G) network. We recommend: Speedtalk, $ 5 a month, the cheapest monthly rate for all SIM cards.

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