Review GEREE C105WX 1080P HD Indoor IP Camera for Home
GEREE C105WX 1080P HD Indoor IP Camera for Home

GEREE C105WX 1080p Home Wireless High Definition Camera features 360 ° and 360 ° angle / tilt / zoom that allows you to get the correct angle and clear field of vision from camera to camera through the process of fast mobile settings to access the video stream. Call home: Thanks to the two-way audio, you can listen to it and talk to it anytime, anywhere. Use this reliable night vision camera technology to monitor and record your surroundings

Infrared night vision
The IP camera is equipped with 6 infrared LED lights and an infrared distance of 15 meters and transmits the infrared light at a frequency that the human eye cannot recognize. You can monitor your home day and night easily and clearly. Night vision mode works automatically based on light changes or manually controlled in the app.

Support for image magnification
Support for display magnification. Press and hold the screen with both hands to zoom in or out. Tentacles can be enlarged to see more details.

360 ° full coverage
The WIFI surveillance camera has a wider viewing angle of 355 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically, which can cover all your family members by 360 degrees in all directions. It is widely used in corporate and home security for baby monitors, park / senior cameras and pet cameras.
Review GEREE C105WX 1080P HD Indoor IP Camera for Home
GEREE C105WX 1080P HD Indoor IP Camera for Home

Support Full HD 1080P and cloud service
You can watch 1080P HD video on your mobile phone, talk to visitors and record 7 * 24 hour episode automatically. Even if the home camera is stolen or damaged, the lens can be safely stored in the cloud. SD cards (not included) are also supported, so you have two options

GEREE C105WX 1080P HD Indoor IP Camera for Home Specs
  • 1080p HD surveillance camera features 360 degree rotation / tilt / zoom function for wireless home surveillance camera, giving you the right angle and clear vision. The wireless home camera has 10 LEDs of 850 mm that extend the night vision range to 20 feet in a completely dark environment. You can play theft, theft and destruction.
  • In-camera video encryption technology is a safe, risk-free WiFi camera. It uses advanced encryption technology to store the video on the micro SD card and you can only access the video from your own account. .
  • Motion movement with an internal audio alarm The built-in camera detects movements and sounds an alarm. The camera beeps immediately, sends you a notification, and receives a real-time activity alert when you check out. You can set the camera angle remotely and get full horizontal view of homes, companies, shops, etc. On mobile phones, you can set the motion detection sensitivity yourself.
  • Application technology recognition technology is easy to install and use and has an important Wi-Fi configuration that can be installed quickly and easily. It only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for calls via App 360 Eyes on iPhone / Android smartphone / tablet / Windows PC and supports remote access to wireless camera on the device.
  • Professional Cameras and Cameras Quick Dome Surveillance Cameras feature the most effective compression and highest protection of data functions to ensure that all recorded videos are safe and that cloud and card storage supports a microSD card (maximum 128 GB). 12-month warranty, and 24/7 support can be provided via email:

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