Review COOAU FHD Indoor Outdoor WiFi Security Camera
COOAU FHD Indoor Outdoor WiFi Security Camera
Rechargeable COOAU Home Camera, Indoor 1080P HD Waterproof WiFi Camera, Water Resistant, PIR Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Cloud Storage Support and Micro SD Card

These COOAU wireless surveillance cameras can help protect your home or business from thieves or hackers even without power. The wireless surveillance camera improves the (simple) installation process and saves you time and money. The efforts to use wires for special reasons are the hole you want to use.
  • Quick wake up: wake up instantly to see live or animated events.
  • Battery low notification: You will be notified when the battery charge reaches 20% so you don't miss it.
  • Share offers with multiple accounts: Users of an unlimited number of COOAU security cameras can share and view them in the app. (Up to 5 people can be seen at the same time)
  • Wireless & Wireless: The COOAU wireless cameras are used with built-in rechargeable batteries, so you can place them indoors and out without worrying about annoying cables. Reducing installation costs.
  • Repair suggestion: The PIR motion sensor is more sensitive to left and right motions than directly to an IP camera. For example, if a person goes directly to an IP camera, the sensitivity of the PIR motion sensor to movement decreases.
  • Screen resolution: FHD1080P LED: 3 inputs / outputs: built-in microphone and headphone memory: supports up to 128GB micro SD card (not included in the delivery range) Application: CloudEdge PIR sensor: battery meter angle 20 meters at 130 degrees: 6000ml Amp, 2 rechargeable 18650 battery: Micro USB cable, including packaging, operating temperature: 24 ° F to 160 °
COOAU WiFi camera for wireless battery
The COOAU 1080P WLAN battery-powered camera can be installed easily. The network is connected to a 2.4GHz signal (5GHz not supported). You can place it on a table or hang it on the inside / outside wall without worrying about annoying wires and sophisticated tools. Even without electricity, it can help protect your home or business from thieves or hackers.

100% wireless and bi-directional
The power cord is unlimited, so you can place it inside or outside in a metal holder with a double-sided tape. The built-in microphone and amplifier with noise cancellation technology ensures clear sound and allows you to communicate with your family and alert uninvited guests.

Low power design
With the 6700 mAh battery, it can be used continuously for 2-3 months after fully charging. If the battery level drops to 20%, you will be automatically notified so that you never remember the memories of the battery family and will always keep your home safe.
Review COOAU FHD Indoor Outdoor WiFi Security Camera
COOAU FHD Indoor Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

Updated detection of the rapid intervention police
Night Vision Mode (64 feet) and advanced PIR function can detect moving objects. When motion is detected, your app supports push notifications with warning images. In the motion detection screen shots, you can see the animated characters quickly and clearly. (He has zoom function)

Full HD 1080P camera
1920 x 1080 pixels FHD delivers surprisingly clear vision and surprisingly smooth video transmission. Operating temperature range: -4 ° F ~ 160 ° F Low temperatures can cause the camera to turn off. You only need to recharge at home and then restart.

Rechargeable battery
It is backed by a built-in 18650 lithium battery with two parts with a capacity of 6000 mAh. Removable and replaceable, rechargeable. Full charging with USB cable or DC5V 2A / 1A charger (without power source) takes 2 to 8 hours. You do not need to remove the battery to charge it.

Bidirectional storage
Store all traffic events in the cloud or on your local microSD card (not included). The encrypted cloud service can provide off-site backup at critical times and allow you to access and play video records anytime and anywhere. After activating the cloud service, the service is free for the first seven days.

COOAU FHD Indoor Outdoor WiFi Security Camera Specs
  • Wireless surveillance camera with rechargeable battery with 100% wireless installation] According to the batteries developed by Tesla vehicles, the battery life increased by 11% compared to other products. The preparation time can be between 2 and 5 months. No cables, wires, or holes required. The spherical design allows you to adjust the angle of the camera at any time or remove the camera. Children 6 and older can complete camera setup in a few minutes.
  • 1080P FHD, automatic infrared night vision plus all 130 ° wide-angle vision details] With the latest HiSilicon chipset and SONY sensor, this surveillance camera can provide clear pictures and videos in any weather. The three infrared lights automatically detect ambient light and switch to night vision mode, so you can see things clearly without light. With the actual wide angle of 130 degrees, you can display the angle you want to monitor.
  • Wi-Fi cameras send alerts to many users who share them with you after careful human movement and thermal detection. improved The algorithm has been improved to reduce false alarms common with other cameras. The recording and alarm time after detection is reduced by almost 20%. Even if you are in another country, you can get notifications in real time. You can send notifications to the users you share with. Your family is also monitoring the situation at home.
  • The compact and outdoor cameras provide a high-precision two-way intercom function suitable for every occasion and every situation. 】 After receiving the alarm, you can speak with anyone in front of the camera anywhere and in real time via the app. So you cannot just monitor your home. It can be used to intimidate intruders or thieves. It can be used as a baby monitor, pet camera (interact with pets), etc.
  • Full data protection security encryption, 128 GB card support, 7 days of free cloud storage] Support up to 128 GB of extended encrypted storage and 7 days of free cloud storage. All videos can only be played in your application. You cannot play a file exported from an SD card to another device even if the camera is stolen. You don't have to worry about privacy because it immediately shoots the thief and sends you a notification.

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