Review Google Nest Cam NC1104US Security Camera
Google Nest Cam NC1104US Security Camera

Remind you of an event.
You can't always see the source of the video. Nest Cam searches for sport and hears a clear sound. If Nest Cam thinks there is sound, a notification of the photos will be sent via phone or email.

Compact design and powerful performance.
Nest Cam Indoor is just 4.5 inches long and has powerful features in a compact environment, for example - a 1080p HD camera with night vision, dual sound, and flexible mounting options.

Order anytime, anywhere.
Know when to find a camera. View the event on all devices running your app, then take action or save the event to share later.

Safe and reliable.
Nest uses advanced security to protect your data. 128-bit SSL encryption and a unique RSA 2048-bit key can protect your video channel. Enable two-factor authentication to ensure account security.

The best way is to do everything together.
Welcome to the helpful home. From creating your favorite movie to adding guardians for kitchen assistants, every Nest product is designed to make your home the right place for you.

Nest Thermostat for Learning (3rd generation)
Google Nest is a thermostat that detects and adjusts your favorite temperature when exiting. Nest Thermostat has been providing billions of kilowatts of energy worldwide since 2011.

Live cam in the open air
Rest period 24/7. Nest Cam Outdoor is beautiful, weatherproof and pluggable, so you don't need to worry about running out of battery.

Nest WiFi
Nest Wifi is a scalable system that provides full home coverage and a strong signal. Some Nest Wifi points are smart speakers using Google Assistant. Available in snow (photo).

Nest protection
Nest Protect has been redesigned from the inside out using spectrum partition sensors, it can test itself automatically and can be used for up to ten years. This is the first home alarm that you can mute on your phone.
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Nest Aware is for your entire family.
Each Nest camera comes with a free 30-day trial of Nest Aware. All subscriptions to Nest Cams, Amplifiers and Monitors (including Nest Hello video ringtone) will start within 6 months.

Subscriptions are in two sizes.
Choose Nest Aware or Nest Aware Plus. Nest Aware comes 30 days after the event video is released. Nest Aware Plus comes with a 60-day event log and video history from 10/24/7.

See what you missed.
With Nest Aware, you can watch event clips to capture what's going on in your home. With Nest Aware Plus, you can digitize, not just edit, within 24 days of video history, 24/7.
Review Google Nest Cam NC1104US Security Camera
Google Nest Cam NC1104US Security Camera

Remember the important things.

The Nest camera already has audio and motor warnings. With Nest Aware, you'll get smart alerts. Just choose the important warnings.

Google Nest Cam NC1104US Security Camera Specs
  • Streaming around the clock in real time over WiFi in full 1080p quality. Connect anytime, anywhere. Send clips in 1920 x 1080 resolution to family or friends.
  • 8 LED Night Vision Lights High performance infrared LEDs can deliver clear video lighting in the most extreme conditions.
  • After the camera activity begins, mobile alerts and notifications will alert you immediately. Take action or save the event for approval later. The 3-hour video recording ensures that you will not miss anything.
  • Advanced security means that video and information flows are well protected. Enable two-factor authentication and take your account protection to a new level.
  • Nest Aware 30-day free trial. Discover 10 days of video history, smart alerts, and activity areas. After the trial ends, the Nest Equipment service fee starts at $ 6 per month.
  • Speak and listen in two-way voice. Say hello, tell the dog to get up on the couch or remind children not to drink milk. Simply press the Nest app button.
  • Easy setup with flexible installation and free Nest app. Place the camera on a shelf and attach it to the wall or use a magnetic base. Then you can plug it into an electrical outlet and Nest will guide you through the rest.
  • Two-year limited warranty

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