Review GazingSure WiFi FHD Security Video Doorbell
GazingSure WiFi FHD Security Video Doorbell
The GazingSure Bell camcorder is the latest member of the family of 1080P FHD video cameras, a high-performance multimedia processor and IP65 resistance. It is capable of H.264 video transmission, video transmission is very smooth and bandwidth consumption is also low. GazingSure wireless surveillance cameras can be used as part of an alarm security system in homes, companies, offices or companies. You can use it as a doorbell or a security and surveillance system. It is fast and easy to install, second to none. Intelligent PIR motion alarm
GazingSure Security Door Bell uses an updated PIR sensor design that accurately detects mammals at around 37 ° C and sends alerts to cell phones at the right time. You don't need to worry about false alarms
You can use other cameras to quickly and easily expand and customize and provide a complete solution for your home and business. Show demo and control via smartphone / browser

Immediate response
GazingSure video doorbell features real-time bidirectional audio communication with built-in microphone and speaker, and supports direct calls to anyone in your area. Additional noise cancellation technology ensures clearer, clearer sound quality.

Wide angle of 166 degrees
GazingSure Wireless Door Bell features a wide angle lens of 166 °. So if your field of view is not restricted, you will get a clearer and wider field of view. It can not only capture your front door, but also your lane, which is reliable to capture full events. The lens provides perfect viewing area and bright and bright images.

Security monitoring around the clock
GazingSure video bell can render HD images at 1920 x 1080 pixels, regardless of whether it is heat, rain, wind or brightness. You can capture more clear details than ever before. Given what is important to you, GazingSure can protect you around the clock.
Review GazingSure WiFi FHD Security Video Doorbell
GazingSure WiFi FHD Security Video Doorbell

Excellent night vision
GazingSure Wireless Doorbell has 6 infrared LEDs that you can turn off via the app. HDR photography ensures high resolution in backlight or poor lighting conditions and provides clear day and night photos. Thanks to the clear distortion correction function, the professional wide-angle lens ensures all activities are seen.

Chip upgrade
GazingSure's video doorbell uses the best chip to provide stability, image and video clarity, as well as advanced HDR and distortion correction that can ignore all exposed images and ensure high quality video recording.

Improved Wi-Fi signal
GazingSure's engineers have done many experiments to test different cameras from different companies. The key to a poor reception solution is higher signal strength and lower network noise. GazingSure's wireless doorbell updated its WiFi unit to receive a wider WiFi signal with a longer transmission distance. GazingSure Wireless Door Bell is the solution to your surveillance needs.

Encrypted cloud and SD card storage
Smart Life encrypts all videos in the cloud or in local storage. The GazingSure video bell is equipped with a 32 GB SD card and SD card reader and supports micro SD cards up to 128 GB (not included, Class 10, FAT 32 format) encrypted and the protected content makes it unusable for external reader resources. We also offer a free 30-day trial for the cloud subscription storage service.

Additional internal bell
The Inner Ring contains 52 episodes and 4 volumes to choose from. When the visitor presses the doorbell, there is a clear loop at home, and if your phone is not next to you, you will be reminded to make your life more enjoyable.

GazingSure WiFi FHD Security Video Doorbell Specs
  • [100% Wireless, Wireless] The GazingSure video bell is integrated into a 6800 mAh 18650 battery without worrying about the annoying cables. Connect a wireless ringtone at home to remind your visitors when your phone is lost. (This only applies to stable 2.4GHz networks, not 5GHz networks. You can also use the doorbell without batteries to support the door bells.)
  • [Smart Home Automation] Connect the GazingSure doorbell to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and log in at any time to understand the situation outside the home. Simply enter a simple voice command to control your home devices and enjoy new safety sounds that can be brought home.
  • [Clear and fast video] GazingSure video doorbell uses the best chip to ensure stability and image and video clarity. We have also updated the application's operating system to ensure its smooth flow and excellent visibility.
  • [Smart People Detection] The GazingSure security doorbell is integrated into the improved PIR sensor, which can detect mammals accurately at around 37 ° C and can send an alert to your mobile phone at the right time. The doorbell is protected every day.
  • [Easy to use, easy to use] Download the "Smart Life" app and close the WiFi connection in a minute. The configuration is very simple. GazingSure's security products offer everything from a single source that combines safety and comfort. Using this app, you can create a professional monitoring system that gives you a unique and exceptional experience.

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