Review HeimVision HM202A 3MP WiFi Security Camera
HeimVision HM202A 3MP WiFi Security Camera

3 MP Wi-Fi HD camera
Equipped with a 3-megapixel eyepiece, 1080p HD images can be provided. With the 3 MP wireless surveillance camera, you can clearly see what's happening in your home. When watching or playing videos in real time, you can see clearly what is happening.

Look at your home
The built-in microphone and amplifier has advanced audio coding and noise reduction technology that can easily communicate with family and pets with this home Wi-Fi camera. You can chat with your family wherever and whenever you are. There is no gap between your interaction with your family.

Clear night vision
Are you still afraid of not meeting at night? Don't worry, the built-in smart camera can automatically work according to the light changes or you can set it as an app. Infrared night vision range is 49 feet, providing 7 x 24 hours of HD video and excellent night experience.

Motion detection and alarm in real time
This home IP camera can protect your home at any time and send a real-time alarm notification to your mobile phone when motion or voice is detected. With 6IR LED lights, you can track moving objects automatically for more detailed information.

Share with the family
WiFi surveillance camera supports many users who use the app to view photos at the same time. You can instantly share the video with your family and find out what the children have learned and what is interesting.
Review HeimVision HM202A 3MP WiFi Security Camera
HeimVision HM202A 3MP WiFi Security Camera

Multiple site monitoring
Multiple cameras can be added to the app and you can watch multiple surveillance scenes at the same time. Supports video playback. You can play the video when you are free and you will not miss any content.

HeimVision HM202A 3MP WiFi Security Camera Specs
  • 2K 3MP Full HD and Multi-User]: The design resolution for the 2K 3MP HD smart surveillance camera is 2304 * 1296 megapixels, and it uses a high-tech optical lens for clearer pictures. HeimVision 3MP definition better than 1080P. Horizontal lenses can provide 350 ° and 110 ° full coverage 360 ​​°, and the wireless surveillance camera supports many devices that can be accessed simultaneously. You can also add multiple cameras to the app to monitor multiple locations.
  • Set movement detection and alerts in real time, set the desired location. You can view the place you want with one click, protect your children, pets, chefs and nannies all day long. You can also track wireless WiFi cameras automatically and get a full horizontal view of homes, companies, shops, etc.
  • Night vision and bi-directional audio camera: The Heimvision family baby camera supports a 15-meter night vision range and uses IR LED lights to ensure an incredibly clear vision that can prevent theft. Willful damage and vandalism. Pet Camera is equipped with advanced integrated microphone, noise canceling and amplifiers. You can talk and monitor your child / chef / pets easily anytime and anywhere.
  • [Cloud service and privacy]: With the surveillance camera, you get a free AWS cloud that stores registrations for 72 hours within 30 days to avoid the risk of losing micro SD cards. The AWS Cloud for IP cameras at home and abroad has obtained ISO / IEC 27001 certification, which ensures that all your data and videos are protected with the utmost security. It also supports local storage via SD card with a maximum capacity of 128 GB.
  • Simple Settings Support: 2.4GHz WiFi support that can be connected via the HeimLink mobile app (iOS / Android) for a quick and easy setup. The Wi-Fi wireless camera also supports the connection between the access point and the local network access point. In the app, you can customize camera sharing, motion detection notifications, presets, auto tracking, scrolling, etc. (Wireless means wireless internet connection, but requires an electrical connection).

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