Coolife 2.7K 20MP Trail Game Hunting Camera
Coolife 2.7K 20MP Trail Game Hunting Camera

Coolife Trail Game Camera, 2.7K 20MP Animal Hunting Camera with 46 LED Infrared Night Vision Action Action 0.1S LCD 2.4 Inch IP66 Water Resistant, with 32 GB Card

2.7K / 1520P HD video recording
The H953 hunting camera supports HD 1520P video recording, which allows you to restore the world's most realistic wildlife.

Off-road cameras are also hunters. Place the camera near the backyard, hallway, front door, or garage to see all the work.

Smart fill lighting technology

The CMOS light intensity sensor also automatically adjusts the brightness of the infrared light to 46,850 nm.

Photo series - ten photos
Infrared hunting camera supports ten continuous shots.
Adjust the frame number for continuous shooting in portrait mode.

Episode report
This capacitance has circular mesh coverage. No need to worry about capacity.
It is recommended that important photos be saved to other devices (before formatting them).
Coolife 2.7K 20MP Trail Game Hunting Camera
Coolife 2.7K 20MP Trail Game Hunting Camera

The package contains a 32G card

We have prepared a 32 GB micro SD card for this camera.
Coolife Trail camera supports memory card up to 512 GB.

Coolife 2.7K 20MP Trail Game Hunting Camera Specs
  • Super Night Vision The Coolife CMOS uses additional intelligent night vision lighting technology that can record the intensity of light and the 46 IR nanometers can be adjusted automatically. Ensure that the light required to take pictures at night is good and is not exposed to light.
  • 20MP 2.7K / 1520P resolution uses a high sensitivity sensor that can capture 2.7K image quality (2688 * 1520P 20FPS). The sensor is integrated into a 9 inch 960P color LCD screen that delivers realistic pictures, sound, and video. You can observe wild animals and plants closely.
  • Shutter speed 0.1S, distance 115 feet] We have used a more sensitive and sophisticated PIR sensor that can reach speed in 0.1 seconds, and the detection range reaches 115 feet / 35 meters. You won't miss an exciting moment in the evening either.
  • IP66 Water Resistant] We use high quality and durable IP66 materials to lock it on the sensor lens to ensure it prevents dust, dust and rain and does not damage during storms.
  • New functional expansions and the free 32G Cool Coolife Trail card support a memory capacity of 512GB, which differs from the conventional camera, which can only take three photos in a row, and our device can take 10 consecutive photos. We have implemented a free 32 GB card. Depending on the current recognition rate, it takes 3 to 3 weeks for the entire 32 GB card to fill out. This capacity has a round cap that doesn't need to worry. This feature recommends storing important photos on other devices.

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