Review IRISCan Book 5 WiFi Wand Portable Scanner
IRISCan Book 5 WiFi Wand Portable Scanner

Simply swipe to scan wirelessly without a computer! Iris can keep 5 Wi-Fi is a portable scanner that allows you to scan magazine pages, book pages, letters and A4 documents such as bills and contracts in addition to your favorite recipes. All without tearing the page. It is the world's fastest portable independent scanner with speeds of up to 1 second. Scan each document. Simply rotate the document and save the scan results automatically to the built-in microSD card and can be transferred to a PC or Mac. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can also use the instant dedicated Wi-Fi app to scan, save, and share documents directly on Android and iOS devices. After returning home or to the office, the scanned documents are automatically converted into editable documents using IRIS's flagship OCR software. Read IRIS Pro

Ideal equipment for checking books and magazines!

Using IRIScan Book 5 Wifi is very simple: just search the document you want to scan and get instant HD results of up to 1200 dpi! Thanks to the high-quality optical sensor and the wheels under the scanner, scanning has never been fast and stable: No matter what you want to scan, scanning takes just a second. When scanning the linked document, you do not need to tear the page. You can even convert books into e-books, then relax and hear what you can read!

There can be many conversions
With a powerful OCR engine, the included Readiris can convert scanned documents into fully searchable PDFs and convert the text in images into searchable and editable text. Searching for information in a document is now a quick search, and you don't have to spend much time reading the entire text.
Review IRISCan Book 5 WiFi Wand Portable Scanner
IRISCan Book 5 WiFi Wand Portable Scanner

Use WiFi or USB to transfer files to any device!
The new IRIScan Book 5 Wifi has a wifi connection with which you can instantly transfer all photos to a computer (Windows or Mac), a smartphone, or even a tablet (iOs or Android). The free IRIScan Book app is available from the Apple Store and Google Play store to quickly and easily connect iO or Android devices to the IRIScan Book 5. The scanner has its own wireless network to transfer photos without configuration or internet connection. Returning to the office, you can also use the included cable to transfer documents via USB.

IRISCan Book 5 WiFi Wand Portable Scanner Specs
  • Portable scanner, particularly suitable for sales and product marketing representatives, newspaper articles, brochures, advertisements and specifications for competing products
  • Scan resolution is 300/600/1200 dpi, you can achieve perfect image effect, scan speed: 1 second. For black and white documents / 2 sec. For color documents, please scan directly to PDF and JPEG
  • Save the scanned copy to a microSd card (included) on a 5-inch color screen (you can scan it correctly and safely). Up to 100 documents can be scanned daily and equipped with a rechargeable USB battery
  • Show "instant results" in real time from scanning in iOS and Android applications. Woman, real-time scan appears on computer, and uses modern OCR software to read Iris Pro Read and Iris Pro Compressor
  • Convert all paper documents, PDFs or image files to editable Office documents, Word, Excel, Outlook, pages, numbers, etc.
  • Convert old photos to digital files - scan documents, color photos or black and white photos into PDF or JPEG files
  • Archiving and Format Scanning - Use the included USB cable and microSD card (including an SD card) up to 32 GB to connect the scanner to a computer (Windows or Mac OS) and view and transfer files

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