Review RAVPower Pro 512GB Portable External SSD
RAVPower Pro 512GB Portable External SSD

RAVPower RP-UM003 SSD Pro External Flash Drive, 512GB Hard Drive with 540MB / s Data Transfer, NAND Flash Memory, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Interface, ATA Lock, Micro USB C Drive

Trusted data companion - you can't miss it
The advanced external SDD unit (Professional Edition) of RAVPower is an ideal mix of reliability, performance and design and is equipped with a Silicon Motion SM2258XT controller and a JMS580 chipset. You will never miss or regret having the best backup storage of your files, photos, games, videos, etc.

Improve data security
Advanced ATA Lock technology can protect your digital life. No one can access your data without the correct password.

Unparalleled transfer speed

Accelerated data flow (up to 540MB / s) speeds up application startup, shutdown and interaction.

Penetration of the game barrier
Play games that are saved directly from the player to the converter without sacrificing space and speed.

Increased durability
Each metal case ensures stable performance and extremely high durability, as well as better drop resistance and heat dissipation.

Maximum portability
The unrivaled CD player puts all your data in the palm of your hand, making it easy to transfer files while traveling or traveling.
Review RAVPower Pro 512GB Portable External SSD
RAVPower Pro 512GB Portable External SSD

Compatible with multiple devices
It is fully compatible with all USB-C devices, including iPad Pro, Macbook, USB-C laptop etc.

RAVPower Pro 512GB Portable External SSD Specs
  • Unparalleled Performance: Improved read and write speed of 540MB / s, five times the speed of traditional hard drives, can deliver advanced games and 4K video in seconds without having to wait
  • RAVPower SSD Pro is engineered for perfection: with an aluminum-zinc alloy casing and piano look, elegant, sensitive and fun to touch, with excellent impact resistance and optimal heat dissipation
  • Don't worry about data security: ATA lock technology, 256-bit AES encryption, and only correct password, you can read or write data to SSD Pro and keep all personal and private data away from unauthorized users,
  • Fully compatible: USB C to C and USB C to A cables compatible with Windows PC (Windows 7 or higher), MAC (MAC OS 10. 12 or higher), Android smartphones with USB collaboration ports or transparent tablet C, iPad Pro, Xbox, and PS4
  • Supported by trusted vendors: The industry-leading SSD Pro external hard drive core components are provided by one of the world's three leading vendors to ensure unparalleled SSD performance and outstanding reliability

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