Review WD 500GB My Passport Go Cobalt External SSD
WD 500GB My Passport Go Cobalt External SSD

Product Description 
Western Digital My Passport WDBY9Y5000ABT-WESN Joe "was seen with the moving parts that were designed and manufactured by WD inadvertently with a high degree of reliability and reliability", the manufacturer asked in the comments in the comments clearly and precisely whether he doubts it. C. It is in fact SSD, not a hybrid. It is SSD.

Speed ​​standard:
Although WD My Passport Go is really SSD, it may not be fast. The product description on this page compares 500 GB WD My Passport Go with 512 GB SS My Passport SSD (name is already confusing). My Passport Go bandwidth limit is 300MB / s and My Passport SSD bandwidth limit is 540MB / s. Usually there is a big difference in the speed of reading / writing. The price difference between the two is only $ 20. Frankly, why should I be confused with someone driving the WD My Passport Go instead of the WD My Passport SSD?

I used an app called the ATTO Disk Benchmark standard to open the standard for checking reading and writing speeds. The standard checks the read and write speed for different file sizes. For comparison, some benchmark tests were also performed on some internal flash drives and SSDs. Compared to My Passport Go, I used a cheap 16GB flash drive, an expensive and fast SanDisk 64GB hard drive, and an internal Crucial bx100 SSD 500GB SSD drive. All external devices are USB 3.0. The internal SSD uses a SATA III bus. The theoretical maximum value for USB 3.0 is 640MB / s (5Gbps), while the theoretical maximum value for SATA III is 768MB / s (6Gbps).

I have posted pictures of these benchmarks, but test results show that cheap flash drives are much slower than costly. Likewise, my passport is much slower than the critical internal SSD. What I mean is that this technology is cheaper for a more expensive technology ... but the My Passport 540 MB / s hard drive, which only costs $ 20, can run counter to that. Unfortunately I do not have this standard.
With standard pictures,
Review WD 500GB My Passport Go Cobalt External SSD
WD 500GB My Passport Go Cobalt External SSD

Experience practical speed:
I use the My Passport external drive as a backup for important files and some music and photo libraries. The copy process has changed significantly. If you copy large files (like photos and music) without losing them, the speed of copying is very reasonable. The process is very slow when copying small files. It is better to use external SSD drives faster, but for this purpose I am more interested in a shockproof case (my passport has a smaller footprint). I can start running and running, so speed isn't everything.

Cable: (-1 star).
The reader has a stylish mini USB cable. You can remove it for use and then push it back into the space provided so there is always a cable. I hate it, I love the micro USB port that allows you to connect the cable. The cable is damaged. Always. Once the cable is damaged, the reader is ready. And access your data.

Brief summary:
It's a small 500GB SSD, good speed, but poor performance. The reader is very beautiful and powerful. I don't like cables. I still can't get My Passport SSD cost more than $ 20 and the potential bandwidth is 540MB / s while the maximum My Passport Go bandwidth will be 300MB / s to study.

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